Chapter Values - Citizenship


Engaging in service and community.

Citizenship in this sense is about being active and engaged in a greater community beyond one's self. (10 Points)

Citizenship and Campus Involvement: Is being a responsible citizen. It means Engaging in Service and Community. We must ask ourselves as Greek students how do we serve the UNL community? How do we make the campus thrive in more means than through the programs of our own chapters? How do you stay involved in the UNL on campus community? (Campus involvement)

  1. How many members of your active Chapter are affiliated with a non-greek on campus organization? (Number out of total chapter members should be above 80% for full credit). (Please attach a two column member roster with names in one column and the organization affiliation in the other) 3 possible points
  2. Please demonstrate the chapters participation in at least 1 intramural activity (attach photo or roster) (attach a picture or other verification) 1 possible point
  3. Please demonstrate that your active chapter participated in one of the following: Relay for Life, The Big Event, Dance Marathon. (Attach a Photo) 1 possible point
  4. The chapter will hold one event with a campus organization that is not affiliated with the Greek Community. May include a residence hall organization, non-Greek honor society, academic organization, cultural organization etc. (Attach a photo) 5 Possible points



Does your chapter believe it is important to be involved outside of your own chapter? If not, why? If yes, why? (less than 250 words)