Chapter Values - Commitment


Being faithful to a cause.

Commitment is a willingness to focus on and stay true to a cause regardless of circumstances. (20 Points)

Commitment to Chapter Development and Engagement: Being Faithful to a cause. As Greek community members, we are committed to values. It shows in how we foster development in our active membership, our new members and our alumni. (attach a picture or other documentation for verification)  15 Possible Points (5 points per educational session). Events must be approved by the Greek affairs office. The Greek affairs Educational Session Registration Form is online and can be found on the Greek affairs website. under the Forms option  the Greek Home Tab

  • The chapter should host and register a speaker or educational session from three (3) of the following groups to demonstrate their commitment to member development. Partnerships are encouraged between organizations.  One program must educate the chapter on an issue regarding diversity.
    • Values Speaker from Character Council (Contact Greek affairs)
    • Hazing prevention workshop (Contact Greek Affairs)
    • LGBTQA Issue Awareness (Contact Pat tetrault)
    • Alcohol Education speaker (any reputable organization specializing in alcohol awareness or prevention)
    • “Sexpectations” (women’s center) Contact the women’s Center for details  402-472-2598
    • Physical Wellness (campus recreation)
    • Fire Safety (contact Rick Campos)
    • Professional career event exploration event with alumni. Career services or others.
    • CPR training session
    • Other creative or inspiring programs that demonstrate commitment to Engagement and development

Chapter should send a minimum of one chapter officer to national convention, conference or other chapter development program (contact Greek Affairs with questions about viable conferences). 5 Possible Points


In approx. 250 words or less, please describe the chapter's new member education program. Conclude by explaining how it fosters a commitment to chapter development and member engagement