Chapter Values - Dependability


Following through on obligations.

Dependability is revealed through consistently delivering on expectations. (30 Points)

Dependability to Academics: Following through on your obligations. As students of higher Education we are at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to learn to become responsible citizens. We owe it to parents, friends, brothers, sisters, alumni, community and ourselves to follow through on our obligation to achieve to the highest standard of academic achievement. (Academics)

The Greek Life office will compile a report on the academic success of your chapter (GPA). Scoring will be tiered. We will examine if your chapter is:

  • Above the all Men’s average for fraternities or Women’s average for sororities. 10 Possible Points (5 points per semester)

Does your Chapter have a faculty Advisor (different from Chapter advisor)? If so, please list their name and department. 3 Possible Points

Does your chapter have a Chapter Advisor? (Please list their name and contact information) 2 Possible Points

Chapter should hold one academic related event per semester. (Group tutoring session, academic speaker, time management speaker etc.) (please attach a photograph, e-mail communication with speaker, or a some other viable evidence of the chapter’s participation) 10 possible points (5 Points per educational session)

Please attach a copy of your chapter’s scholarship program. Might include the following elements. (role of scholarship chair, identification of at risk members, probations, study hours, incentives etc?) 5 Possible Points


How does your chapter keep it’s membership accountable when a member is struggling with their grades? (less than 250 words)