Chapter Values - Open-mindedness


Being willing to accept others' ideas.

Open-mindedness starts with being willing to listen and but truly lies within a capacity to accept ideas outside of your own.

***This section of the Values Inventory, although not worth any points, is a qualifying section. No chapter will receive credit for any other section without adequately completing this section. Similar Sections throughout the document are indicated with an asterisk (*). Ideally, the reflection sections, and this section, should be completed after all other sections have been concluded.

Open-Minded to Growth: Being willing to accept others ideas and grow. As Members of the Greek community we are open to the idea that we have room to grow. We should constantly seek ways to improve our personal actions and chapter activities. Through the value of Open mindedness our organizations propose ways that we plan to improve and progress in the future. (chapter progression plans)

  • Present a plan on how you intend to improve. Reflecting upon the values above. You have clearly articulated where you are, but where are you going? What are you plans to continue to improve in these areas? Be specific and site examples of programs, policies and initiatives the chapter will take to make sure that they get there. (less than 350 words)
  • Short essay, what does your organization value, and what are you doing to live those values? how could you improve? (less than 300 words)