Chapter Values - Respect


Showing deference or esteem.

Respect means recognizing that someone or something has value and engaging it with that in mind. (20 Points)

Respect for the Greek Community: Showing Deference or Esteem. As members of Greek Community we hold our fellow Greeks in high esteem. We are committed to a higher sense of purpose, and recognize that interfraternal and sororital collaboration is essential to helping us grow a more vibrant community. Respect contributes to our own chapter’s success. (interfraternal and community respect)

Chapter collaboration and support

Host one social event with other Greek organization (non alcoholic) (attach a photograph to verify) 4 Possible Points

  • If Fraternity, should be with another fraternity. If sorority, should be with another sorority.
The chapter will actively participate in:
  • Did your chapter participate in Homecoming? If so, who was in your triad? 2 possible Points
  • How did your chapter participate in Greek Week (respond briefly in Box) 2 Possible Points
  • Participation in a Greek  wide philanthropy 1 Possible Point

Attendance at Greek Affairs Events  or All-Greek Speakers (must have specified chapter attendance at 2 of 3 events or speakers) 1.5 points per event (3 total points)

  • These events will be predetermined and voted on by the delegates as planned by the Greek Affairs staff or other entities. 3 Possible Points (1.5 per event) (For the 2013 year, this action step will not be included. Delegates were unable to vote on these events for the 2013 year.) Please disregard.
Greek event participation
  • Regular attendance at Quad Council (minimum of 1 unexcused absence/sem) 2 possible Points
  • Regular attendance at IFC or NPC (minimum of 3 unexcused absences/sem) 3 Possible Points
    • Assign a delegate to attend if unable to attend
    • Attend 1 fraternity social event if a sorority. Attend 1 Sorority social event if fraternity.( attach a picture) 1 Possible Point
    • Attend 1 philanthropic event hosted by an organization from a different council.  2 Possible Points

How does your chapter believe that an organization gains respect of others in the community and how do you believe others obtain your respect?