FAQ: Multicultural Greek Council

What is a multicultural Greek Letter Organization?

Multicultural Greek Letter Organization are Historically Latino, Latina, and Asian based sororities and fraternities with multicultural diversity and membership.  We currently have four Multicultural Greek Letter Organizations as follows:

Lambda Theta Nu - A Historically Latina-based organization with Multicultural Membership

Sigma Lambda Beta - A Historically Latino-based Fraternity with Multicultural Membership

Sigma Lambda Gamma - A Historically Latina-based Sorority with Multicultural Membership

Sigma Psi Zeta - A Multicultural Asian-Interest Greek Organization

Do I have to be Latino, Latina, or Asian to become a member of a Multicultural Greek Letter Organization?
No! Although our Multicultural Greek Letter Organizations are culturally based these organizations are made up of members with various ethnic backgrounds. In addition, the University of Nebraska and it’s organizations do not discriminate based on age, color, religion, pregnancy, marital status, veteran’s status, national or ethnic origin, place of residence, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.

How do I join a Multicultural Greek Letter Organization at UNL?
At the beginning of the semester most organizations hold informationals however, each organization has a different intake process and should be contacted individually. You can also send in your information to the Greek Affairs Office and your information will be given to the specific chapter you are interested in.

Contact Chapter/Charter Presidents

Lambda Theta Nu Chapter President: Shams Al-Badry

Sigma Lambda Beta Chapter President: Moses Pacheco

Sigma Lambda Gamma Chapter President: Lia Morales

Sigma Psi Zeta Charter Charter President: Kandy Do

Multicultural Greek Contact Form

Does Multicultural Greek Letter Organization haze?
No! Multicultural Greek Letter Organizations of the University of Nebraska adheres to anti- hazing policies that prohibit fraternities and sororities from participating in such activities. People and organizations that haze can face University sanction, as well as criminal and civil charges.

What are some great reasons for joining a Multicultural Greek Letter Organization?

  • Lifelong friendships
  • Support
  • Higher Academic standards
  • Dedication to Serving the community
  • Leadership and scholarship opportunities
  • Networking
  • Career opportunities
  • Professional Development

Do I have to stroll or step to be part of a Multicultural Greek Letter Organization?
No chapter or individual is required to do either. Most organizations do it because they want to celebrate their history, show unity, and because it is a culturally enriched tradition.