Fraternity Membership Recruitment

How Do I Join?

To participate in the fraternity recruitment process, please complete the recruitment application. If you are an incoming freshman, please complete the application found at If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior in college, you should complete the application found on this website. While there is no deadline for fraternity recruitment applications, in order to have the best opportunity to visit with a number of chapters, your application should be returned as soon as possible - official signing begins the Saturday of UNL commencement in May.

Greek Affairs will distribute your application to each fraternity and their individual recruitment chairs will begin contacting you. You may be invited to attend activities ranging from sporting events to open houses for both you and your parents. You should visit as many chapters as possible to give you a better comparison when it is time to make your decision on which chapter to join.

As an incoming freshman, New Student Enrollment is a great time to visit prospective chapters. All chapters are open and tours of living units are available.

Then What?

As you become introduced with various fraternity chapters, they may offer you a bid card. A bid card is a formal invitation to join a fraternity. The bid card is how recruitment chairmen express their interest in potential members. Once you and your parents sign the bid card, you pledge your membership to that fraternity.