By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE I, Membership & Voting


The membership of the Interfraternity Council (also referred to IFC Delegates Council) shall consist of the following social fraternities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:


Alpha Gamma Nu
Alpha Tau Omega
Alpha Gamma Rho
Alpha Gamma Sigma
Beta Sigma Psi
Beta Theta Pi
Chi Phi
Delta Tau Delta
Delta Upsilon
Theta Xi           
Theta Chi

Kappa Sigma
Lambda Chi Alpha
Pi Kappa Alpha
Pi Kappa Phi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Nu
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Phi Gamma Delta           
Phi Delta Theta
Phi Kappa Theta
Phi Kappa Psi
Tau Kappa Epsilon

SECTION 2 - Each organization identified in Article I, Section I shall select a single member of its executive team to serve as a voting delegate on the Interfraternity Council.

A. The delegate of each organization may temporarily appoint a substitute from his fraternity to operate as a proxy in the event he is unable to exercise his voting rights due to absence.

1. A temporary representative acting with the permission of his fraternity delegate may exercise all the rights voting membership entails and will have full ability to participate in any deliberations of the Interfraternity Council.
2. Permission for a temporary representative must be granted by the absent delegate in writing at least 24 hours in advance and verified by the President and Secretary of the Interfraternity Council’s Executive Committee.
3. All actions by the proxy, such as votes, will be binding and cannot be retracted by the organization.
4. If a fraternity delegate is a member of the Interfraternity Council’s Executive Committee, he must permanently appoint or have his organization elect a new delegate from his fraternity’s executive team to take on his duties and obligations to the Interfraternity Council.

B. Each organization, and thereby each delegate, shall have one (1) vote in the Interfraternity Council.

C. Any item of business to be proposed at a given council meeting must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee no later than Friday at Noon (12:00PM) preceding the meeting.

D. In order for any voting business to be conducted in any Interfraternity Council meeting, a Quorum, constituted of two-thirds (2/3) of the total membership, must be present.

E. All regular business items shall be approved or disapproved by a majority vote of a quorum unless the IFC Constitution or other by laws specify otherwise.

F. Abstaining to vote on any measure will not alter the majority threshold. A majority will still be based on the total number of members present, be it a full body or a simple quorum.

G. Voting rights of any member organization may be suspended by 2/3 vote of the whole voting body of the Interfraternity Council.

1. This procedure constitutes a special circumstance and requires the presence of all voting members to be in attendance.

H. Voting rights may be suspended for the following reasons:

1. A voting member/fraternity president fails to attend two consecutive IFC council meetings, without appointing a proxy for voting purposes. (Essentially this means the organization would be unrepresented for an entire month)
2. A voting member organization has committed a serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct or in engaged in other egregious acts that tarnish the reputation of the Fraternity system.
3. A voting member organization has consistently failed to participate and support the activities and initiatives of Interfraternity Council.
4. A voting member organization has failed to pay its IFC dues.
5. A member organization/fraternity president or any member of the same organization shows threatening, antagonizing behavior, or violence towards another member or members of the Interfraternity Council IFC Executive Committee shall constitute suspension of voting rights.
6. Any other behavior that is deemed inappropriate and can garner the support of a majority of the Interfraternity Council may merit a vote to suspend voting rights of its members (If 50% + 1 feel the action was inappropriate they may raise the issue to the body-this does not constitute a vote to suspend but a vote to determine if the behavior in question should constitute a vote to suspend)

I. The duration of suspension will be determined by the motion to suspend. Thus, the duration of suspension will be voted upon as part of the suspension. (Example: I move to suspend Chi Alpha Chi’s voting privileges for the rest of the semester)

J. Any chapter that has had their voting rights suspended for two (2) consecutive semesters may be considered for expulsion from the Interfraternity Council.
1. The intention of this provision is to disaffiliate organizations that do not want to participate in IFC and have demonstrated as much by not attending meetings or by other actions that have led to a suspension of their voting rights.
2. Fraternities that have been expelled from IFC will have to petition for recognition and follow the guidelines established for receiving recognition found in these by laws.

K. Voting rights may be reinstated by:
1. A simple vote of 2/3 of the Interfraternity Council
2. The Interfraternity Council may recommend a course of action to remedy any damage and upon satisfactory completion vote to reinstate the organization’s voting rights.

L. Expirable Caluse: Any current IFC delegates that have been attending IFC Presidents Council Meetings or fulfilling similar duties may be allowed to continue his role for the remainder of the 2012 spring semester and if necessary for the 2012 fall semester. Upon the commencement of the 2013 spring semester all IFC delegates must serve as members of each fraternities executive council. As such, Article I, Section 2, Part L will be automatically removed on January 1st, 2013.

SECTION 3 - Each organization will be required to pay annual dues to the Interfraternity Council.

A. Chapter Member Fees
1. Fifty (50) dollars per member per year.

B. New Member Fee
1. Thirty-five (35) dollars per new member signed.