By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE X, Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

SECTION 1 - Due to inadequate resources to assist in the colonization process, the Office of Greek Affairs and the Interfraternity Council have allowed Greek Letter Organizations to pursue expansion efforts by becoming Recognized Student Organizations on campus.

SECTION 2 - Greek Letter Organizations may continue to pursue expansion at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as Recognized Student Organizations by following these guidelines:

A. Petition the IFC to investigate colonization by becoming a Recognized Student Organization.

  1. The purpose of this request is to inform the IFC of the Greek Letter Organizations intent to expand on campus.

B. File all of the necessary and requisite paper work to become a Recognized Student Organization with the Association of Students at the University of Nebraska (ASUN) and provide a copy of the paperwork to the IFC Executive Secretary.

C. Continue to provide subsequent paperwork (e.g. Constitution & by laws) that provides organization for the Recognized Student Organization.

D. The formed RSO will operate as an interest group until formally recognized as a colony by the affiliate National or International Fraternity.

E. Once the national organization has recognized the student interest group and RSO as a colony, the group will be able to request IFC recognize them as well.

  1. This formal written request for IFC recognition should be submitted to the IFC Executive Committee and must address, but is not limited to, all criteria enumerated in the Expansion Policy (Appendix B, Article I).
  2. The request must also provide information about the recruitment plans of the colony and must abide by all recruitment regulations contained in the IFC Governing by laws.
  3. All efforts to colonize must be in harmony with the Governing by laws of the Interfraternity Council, IFC Constitution, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Code of Conduct.
  4. Recognition for colony status by the Interfraternity Council will require a vote of 2/3.

F. Once colony status has been granted by the IFC to the RSO, the colony will abide by all standards established in the “Regulations Governing Colonization” (Appendix B, Article II).

  1. The colony shall be granted access to all Fraternity recruitment applications received by the Office of Greek Affairs provided all of the following conditions are met:
I. Complete one (1) full semester as a colony
II. Provide evidence showing satisfactory progress has been made towards the “Regulations Governing Colonization” (Appendix B, Article II)
III. Approval by a majority vote of the Interfraternity Council