By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE XI, IFC Recognition & National Activation

SECTION 1 - Upon completion of at least two (2) semesters as a colony, the national/international fraternity may petition for recognition.

SECTION 2 - The petition for recognition must be reviewed by the IFC Executive Committee and the colony must have met all requirements set forth in the “Regulations Governing Colonization.”  (Appendix B, Article II)

SECTION 3 - If the colony has met the requirements of all regulations governing colonization than the Interfraternity Council vote to confirm or deny the petition for recognition.

A. Recognition requires that two-thirds (2/3) of the voting membership of the Interfraternity Council agree with the Executive Committee that the colony has satisfied all requirements.

SECTION 4 - Upon receiving recognition the colony shall be considered a full voting member of the Interfraternity Council and shall be granted all rights, privileges and responsibilities a functioning fraternity maintains at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.