By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE XVI, Graduate Assistant

SECTION 1 - The Director of Greek Affairs shall have the authority to interview and recommend a Graduate Student to serve as an advisor to the Interfraternity Council and the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee.

A. The Director of Greek Affairs shall consult with the IFC Executive Committee regarding the selection of the Graduate Assistant.

B. The IFC Executive Committee shall be able to offer their advice and consent regarding the appointment of a graduate advisor.

SECTION 2 - The Graduate Assistant shall be responsible for the following:

A. Advising the Interfraternity Council and the Interfraternity Executive Committee.

B. Attend all pertinent meetings to serve as an advisor.

C. Be responsible for developing educational programs for fraternities.

D. Enhance recruitment efforts.

E. Help enforce IFC and University policy.

F. Any other tasks assigned by the Director of Greek Affairs or those projects that the IFC Executive Committee requests assistance with.

Section 3 - The Graduate Advisor to IFC shall have the power to enter the common areas of all fraternity chapter houses for the purpose of inspecting the premise for violations of University and IFC policies.

A. If the policies violations are found, then the Graduate Advisor shall file a report with the appropriate offices. (The Office of Student Judicial Affairs & The Office of Greek Affairs)

B. Any refusal or entry into a chapter house shall be cause for a report being filed with Director of Greek Affairs and the Director of Student Judicial Affairs.