By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE XVII, Penalties and Enforcement of By-Laws Provisions

SECTION 1 - To ensure compliance with these by laws, the IFC Constitution, Student Code of Conduct, and all policies and procedures of the Office of Greek Affairs, the following enforcement mechanisms and penalties shall be applied at the discretion of the Interfraternity Council’s Executive Committee to any fraternity that fails to cooperate with IFC programs.

A. Postponement of access to rush applications. Fraternities that fail to support or assist the recruitment efforts of the Office of Greek Affairs and the Interfraternity Council shall be required to wait a period no less than one (1) day and no greater than one (1) week, as determined by the IFC Executive Committee.

B. Mandatory Service Projects as determined by the IFC Executive Committee.

C. Fines. The IFC Executive Committee may also exact fines for failure to comply with any measure or provision of the by laws. Fines may not exceed the amount of $100.00 per offense or violation.

D. Withdrawal of Recognition. The IFC Executive Committee may petition the Interfraternity Council for a vote to withdraw its recognition of any chapter that fails to comply with its provisions, measures, or orders.

SECTION 2 - The IFC Executive Committee shall have full authority to gain compliance and shall have the ability to reduce, remove, or nullify any penalties at its discretion.

SECTION 3 - All students who are affiliated with Greek Chapters are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the responsibilities that accrue to them by virtue of that membership. Individuals and chapters alike shall carry themselves in a manner that reflects favorably on the Greek system and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

SECTION 4 - An entire fraternity may be held responsible for the actions of an individual chapter member or members.