Appendix A of By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE III, Operations Policy

SECTION 1 - Risk Management

A. Chapter must have a risk management policy approved by the Director of Greek Affairs on file.

B. Chapter must have a representative and a chapter advisor at the Liability Summit (or equivalent).

  1. If a chapter cannot attend, the chapter representative and the chapter advisor must meet with the IFC Director of Risk Management and Director of Greek Affairs to review the chapter’s risk management policy.

C. Chapter must update or submit a risk management policy that matches or exceeds the IFC standard risk management policy.

  1. This shall be included as part of the Greek Leadership Summit (or equivalent).

SECTION 2 - Alumni and Volunteer Board

A. Chapter must have five (5) or more active volunteers who meet at least every semester.

SECTION 3 - Endorsement from charity, service or non-profit organization

A. Chapter must submit a written endorsement from the organization with whom a charity or service relationship exists.

SECTION 4 - Judicial Board

A. Chapter must have an active internal judicial board and the chairman’s contact information must be on file in Greek Affairs.

SECTION 5 - Policy for Housing Operations

A. Chapter must have a letter on file explaining chapter house policies.  If chapter does not have a house, the letter should describe the chapter’s interest in acquiring housing and a plan for hosting chapter operations and events.

SECTION 6 - IFC President’s Council Meeting Attendance

A. Chapter may have two (2) unexcused absences per academic year.

SECTION 7 - Documentation

A. All documentation is due April 1

B. If chapter fails to meet individual criteria for the academic year, chapter has until April 1 the following year to correct any deficiency.

C. If chapter fails to meet the same individual criterion two consecutive years, chapter will lose IFC recognition and become a Recognized Student Organization.