Appendix B of By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE I, Expansion Policy

SECTION 1 - Information Required for the Selection of New Fraternities by the Interfraternity Council at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

A. Availability and extent of Alumni support and participation.

Information regarding the number of alumni members in Lincoln, the surrounding area, and others who are within range of the University shall be provided to the Interfraternity Council. In addition to providing statistics about alumni, a detailed statement that accounts for the commitment of alumni and their willingness to visit and support the operations of the colony and/or newly established undergraduate chapter will also be required.

B. Fiscal Policy and Statement of Support

The National/International organization must successfully demonstrate to the IFC that the national/international organization is capable of, and willing to, financially support the development of a colony and/or new undergraduate chapter. This should include information about housing, dues, fees, and any other pertinent information about sustaining the development and growth of the colony.

C. General Information about the Operations of the National/International Fraternity

The National/International Fraternity must submit a copy of the organization’s Constitution, Governing by laws, pledge education modules and procedures, pledge handbook, recruitment directives, scholarship programs and information, statement on hazing, contact information for chapter development personnel, and any other pertinent information that may be requested by the Interfraternity Council.

D. Proposal for Colony Supervision and Organization

The National/International Fraternity will supply information regarding the standards and procedures employed by the national fraternity  to supervise each chapter and colony including matters of: (1) recruitment; (2) pledge education; (3) officer leadership and training; (4) standards of acceptable conduct; (5) scholarship prerogatives; (6) discipline and accountability of members; (7) financial supervision; and (8) risk management and liability reduction.

E. Establishment of an Alumni-run Housing Corporation

The National/International Fraternity must submit plans to establish a corporation to oversee fiscal responsibilities of property and house ownership and all subsequent measures to provide the highest standards of maintenance.

F. Acceptance of Membership Provisions

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents policy on student organizations states:

“Selection of students for membership in student organizations of the University of Nebraska must be based on criteria which will not include race or color. Membership selection for student groups based on reasonable criteria shall remain the responsibility of the individual groups.”

Officers and advisors of the colony and/or new undergraduate chapter will be required to indicate their ability and desire to select members in accordance with the policy outlined by the Board of Regents.

Additionally, the National/International Fraternity must also commit to follow the IFC Constitution, Governing by laws, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Code of Conduct, and any other policies adopted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln that may pertain to student organizations and fraternities.

SECTION 2 - A formal, written request detailing the National/International Fraternity’s ability to satisfy each of the above-mentioned criteria must be submitted to the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee and will then be forwarded to the Interfraternity Council.

SECTION 3 - The Interfraternity Council may accept or reject the establishment and/or reactivation of any fraternity attempting to become a member of the University system.

A. Decisions to accept or reject shall be based on the aforementioned criteria.

B. The Interfraternity Council may accept one expansion per year. This expansion must begin during the fall semester.

SECTION 4 - In addition to the approval of the Interfraternity Council, the National/International Fraternity must also secure the approval of the Director of Greek Affairs and the University Of Nebraska Board Of Regents through the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

SECTION 5 - Those fraternities seeking reactivation after a period of lapsed membership need to meet all the requirements listed above except gaining the Regent’s approval.

SECTION 6 - After the successful completion of these processes, the fraternity may proceed to establish a colony on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus.