Appendix B of By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE II, Regulations Governing Colonization

SECTION 1 - Permission to Apply for Colonization

A. The organization must submit and have approved the documents outlined in Appendix B, Article I, Sections A-F.

B. The organization must gain approval from the IFC Executive Committee to apply for colonization. Colonization will require a 2/3 vote by the IFC President’s Council.

SECTION 2 - Colony Membership

A. The organization must have, at the time of colonization, a minimum of thirty (30) members each with a cumulative GPA at or above a 2.5. Twenty-five (25) of those members must be returning as full-time students in the fall of the following academic year.

B. The organization must establish an average GPA above the All Male Average for a minimum of two (2) semesters before consideration for recognition.

C. All pledges of the organization and the organization itself are required to pay the pledging fee before being officially recognized as a pledge.

D. Members of the organization will be subject to assessments by the IFC or IFC Executive Council.

E. Once Colony status has been extended by Interfraternity Council vote, the organization should have its entire members fill out membership cards in the Office of Greek Affairs and the following fall semester should pay the fees for IFC membership.

SECTION 3 - Continued Recognition

A. The colony must meet the standards set forth in Appendix A.

B. Failure to meet the standards will require the colony to follow the course of action outlined in Appendix A.

SECTION 4 - Organized Programs

A. During the first two (2) semesters of colonization, the Colony must:

  1. Present a complete, written, prospective pledge education program to the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee for approval and suggestions.
  2. Submit a complete, written scholarship program to the IFC Executive Committee.
  3. Provide a list of colony officers.
  4. Submit to the Interfraternity Executive Committee and Director of Greek Affairs a constitution, by-laws, and pertinent materials as to the rules and regulations of the chapter.

B. The colony must have an Alumni Advisor and advisory board, both of whom must be in the Lincoln area during the school year.

SECTION 5 - Status of the Colony

A. The colony shall have representation but not vote in the IFC.

B. No individual colony members shall be allowed to be a member of the IFC Executive Committee.

C. The Colony shall be held accountable to regulations concerning fraternities, with any violation taken into consideration at the time of chartering.

D. The colony shall submit an annual progress report to the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee.