By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE IV, Pledgeship and Initiation

SECTION 1 - General Regulations Governing Pledging

A. A man is not bound to any fraternity by accepting a pledge pin and will not be officially recognized as a pledge until he has filed a bid card with IFC.

B. A current student or transfer student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln must have completed 12 credit hours and have maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0 to be eligible to pledge a fraternity.

C. A fraternity may not extend a formal invitation to pledge (defined as a pin, national intent card, housing contract, or official IFC card) to any rushee nor can the rushee accept the same until the time specified by the Interfraternity Council.

D. No fraternity shall make public a list of its pledges/associates before the announcement of the same by IFC.

E. To reside in a chapter house during the academic year, men must be active members or pledges registered in the IFC office.

SECTION 2 - Cancellation or Self-Nullification of Pledging Association

A. If a man is pledged to any fraternity and he nullifies his pledge or his pledge is cancelled or revoked by the fraternity, said man will not be allowed to pledge another fraternity until 30 days shall expire from the time his pledge is officially ended.

1.In the case of summer pledge, he may not begin a new opportunity to pledge until thirty days after the first day of classes in the Fall semester.
2.During the 30 day period, said man may not room or board at any fraternity house on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

SECTION 3 - A pledge may remain as a pledge on the chapter rolls for any period of time in accordance with chapter and national fraternity governing statutes.

SECTION 4 - All activities required of pledges must be conducted in accordance with the University of Nebraska’s Student Code of Conduct and IFC by laws, policies on hazing, policies on alcohol, and within the guidelines established by the National or International Headquarters of the Fraternity.

SECTION 5 - The activities of a chapter’s pre-initiation week must be submitted to the Director of Greek Affairs one (1) week prior the commencement of the week.

A. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the suspension of all activities by the Director of Greek Affairs.

SECTION 6 - Names of new initiates must be submitted to the Director of Greek Affairs within three (3) days following initiation.

SECTION 7 - Chapters may initiate pledges within the same semester of pledgeship so long as it complies with the Fraternity’s governing statutes.

SECTION 8 - Pledge/Associate Retreat Guidelines

A. Definition of Retreat: A pledge /associate retreat shall be defined as any voluntary, organized class function with a destination of over seventy-five (75) miles and duration of more than twenty-four (24) hours.

B. Any pledge/associate class deciding to take a retreat must register the retreat with the Director of Greek Affairs one (1) week prior to the retreat. Registration must include the following information:

  • Time of Departure
  • Destination (Provide contact information if available)
  • Means of Transportation (For liability purposes we strongly recommend commercial transportation)
  • Time of Return (Must be before 10:00PM on Sunday)
  • Name of Advisor or Chapter Officer attending the retreat

C. Pledge/Associate Retreats shall not forcibly interfere with classes, disrupt the educational atmosphere of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, or diminish the reputation of the Greek System. (Specifically, excessive noise at night and disturbances in or around the classroom areas will not be tolerated and will be subject to action by the University Judicial Board and the IFC Executive Committee.

D. No physical damage is to be done to any Fraternity Chapter House or any personal property in conjunction with a pledge/associate retreat.

E. At least one chapter officer must accompany the pledges/associates on their retreat.

F. Any disciplinary action relating to misconduct in conjunction with pledge/associate retreat shall become the responsibility of the University Judicial Board, the IFC Executive Committee.

SECTION 9 - Failure to comply with or violating any of the preceding rules and regulations set forth to govern pledging at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shall subject the offending party to penalties established in the IFC by laws.