By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE VIII, Fraternity Awards

SECTION 1 - The Interfraternity Council shall be responsible for the following awards:

A. The C. B. Schultz Award for community service shall be given to the fraternity which has contributed the most community service throughout the year.

B. The John M. Abrahamzon Memorial Award will be awarded to the fraternity man/men who best exemplify the qualities of this man.

C. The E. F. Schramm Award will be presented to the fraternity whose overall scholarship has improved the most during the academic year.

D. The Frank M. Hallgren Scholarship is based on academic excellence and leadership ability in the fraternity system and the university community. The individual recipient must be a senior or a junior.

E. The C. B. Schultz Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding member of the Greek System who has excelled in a wide range of university activities. The individual recipient must be a junior or a senior.

SECTION 2 - Selection of the awards will occur during Greek Week and shall be awarded at the Greek Week Banquet.

SECTION 3 - The Director of Greek Affairs shall have the authority to select a panel of judges to review the applications for each award.

A. The committee may have no fewer than 3 members.

B. The committee may be composed of any University staff member, but will preferably be alumni from Greek organizations.

C. The IFC Executive Committee may make recommendations on individuals they feel would be well suited for service on the selection committee.