By-Laws of the Interfraternity Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

ARTICLE IX, Colonization of New Fraternities

SECTION 1 - A formal, written request to investigate colonization must be submitted by the national/international fraternity to the Interfraternity Council.

A. The request must provide the IFC voting body with all “Information Required for Selection of New Fraternities by the Interfraternity Council of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,” found in the Expansion Policy (Appendix B).

B. The request must also provide a profile of the type of student the fraternity is seeking to recruit.

C. The request may be initially submitted to the IFC Executive Committee but must be approved by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Interfraternity Council.

SECTION 2 - If approved, the national/international fraternity may begin to investigate forming a colony on campus.

A. The national/international fraternity shall have 2 weeks from the time of approval of the initial request to investigate to complete all inquiries regarding expansion to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

B. During the period of investigation, the international/national fraternity may contact students about their willingness to participate in a new fraternity.

C. The international/national fraternity may visit with administrators on campus to determine the viability of a new chapter on campus.

D. The international/national fraternity may also approach recognized fraternities on campus for input or information, however, the fraternities are not required to collaborate if they wish not to.

E. At the conclusion of the investigative period, if the national/international fraternity wishes to pursue a colony, they must submit a request for colonization.

SECTION 3 - A formal, written request to colonize must be submitted by the national/international fraternity to the Interfraternity Council.

A. The request must reflect an understanding and a commitment to meet all of the standards set forth in the “Regulations Governing Colonization” found in the Expansion Policy (Appendix)

B. The request must also provide information about the recruitment plans of the colony and must abide by all recruitment regulations contained in the IFC Governing by laws.

C. All efforts to colonize must be in harmony with the Governing by laws of the Interfraternity Council, IFC Constitution, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Code of Conduct.

D. The request to colonize must be affirmed by Interfraternity Council by a vote of 2/3 of the IFC membership.

SECTION 4 - Approval of the Interfraternity Council will be necessary before the initial recruitment of members.

SECTION 5 - Representatives of the national/international fraternity must be on campus to do the colonization.

SECTION 6 - IFC requires that two (2) active alumni supervisors be designated for the colony at the off-set of colonization and that one (1) be designated to serve as chapter advisor.

SECTION 7 - In agreement with the national fraternity philosophy, IFC expects a national field advisor to visit the colony at least every three (3) months, until such time as other appropriate schedules can be established with regard to the progress of the colony.

SECTION 8 - All organizations that have attained the status of “Recognized Student Organizations” (RSO) will still be required to meet the standards established in the “Regulations Governing Colonization Procedure.”