Junior Delegate Program

greek event


The Junior Delegate program was created to develop leadership within the new member pledge classes of both IFC (Inter-Fraternity Council) and Panhellenic organizations.

Two new members from each chapter are chosen to represent their chapter in this organization. Every year, the delegates plan two campus wide philanthropies and a dance for the freshman of the Greek Community, know as "the ultimate frosh."

This program is designed to develop leadership for those selected, and help them get acquainted and better understand the Greek Community. Both the IFC and Panhellenic treasurers lead this group, so they are very familiar with both the Greek Community and its current events.

The Junior Delegates program isn't all work and no play. The Junior Delegates hold socials about every other week in order to get to know each other better. In the past they have played laser tag, gone bowling and roller skating. Junior Delegates is just one way for new members to become involved on campus and in the Greek Community.