Multicultural Events and Important Dates

MGC Week / Greek Symposium

Typically planned to take place early in the fall semester, MGC Week is a week of programming based around the common ideals of the organizations that make up MGC. These ideals include Scholarship, Community Service and Cultural Awareness.

MGC Week concludes with a Forum-Style Greek Symposium, where students interested in Greek life are welcome to hear a panel speak on their experience in a Multicultural Greek Organization and ask any questions they may have.

  • Winter Children’s Carnival
  • MGC Week / Greek Symposium
  • Organization founding dates
  • Lambda Theta Nu - March 11th, 1986
    Sigma Lambda Beta - April 4th, 1986
    Sigma Lambda Gamma - April 9th, 1990
    Sigma Psi Zeta - March 23rd, 1994
Future chapter event dates
  • Sigma Lambda Beta:
    Info coming
  • Sigma Psi Zeta:
    Info coming

Annual Winter Children's Carnival

Every year MGC hosts a Winter Carnival to celebrate the holidays and provide a few hours of games and prizes to local children. This event is planned for every December and other Student Organizations are invited to participate.

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