Multicultural Recruitment

Membership Intake Process

Most MGC organization do not participate in Rush, instead, the preparation period preceding initiation is referred to as an Educational Process, or as the Membership Intake Process. Some organizations accept second semester freshman with at least 12 credit hours from UNL. However, it is highly recommended that students wait to join until their sophomore year. Many organizations require potential members to be actively involved on campus and in the community. All MGC organizations have adopted non-hazing guidelines to ensure that membership into their respective organizations is a non-threatening and supportive experience.

Sigma Psi Zeta's Rush Process

The Sigma Psi Zeta Charter does host a Rush period, which is characteristic of the traditions of the sorority nationally. Typically held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters and sometimes during the summer, Rush is two weeks in which women interested in the sorority are invited to attend various social events in order to get to know the sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta and vice versa. Informationals are also hosted during Rush and interests are expected to attend at least one in order to learn about the sorority in a more formal sense. Interests must attend a certain number of events in order to be considered for an interview and a bid. If a bid is delivered to and accepted by a woman who rushes, she is able to begin the membership intake process for Sigma Psi Zeta.

Rush is a casual time for information to be exchanged and participation in the Rush process does NOT commit an individual to this particular sorority or the Greek community in any way. Rushing for Sigma Psi Zeta simply entails learning about the sorority, the member sisters, and what they stand for collectively as well as individually. This process is meant as a time for an interest to figure out if Sigma Psi Zeta Charter is the right fit for her.


Informationals are typically formal, structured presentations of an MGC member organizations purpose, mission, etc. Each MGC organization schedules their informationals independent of MGC; recruitment is not overseen by the council. Informationals almost always precede the Membership Intake Process, and they are typically followed by one-on-one interviews with interested candidates. Individuals interested in membership with any MGC member organizations are highly encouraged to attend informationals, as well as any programs or events put on by MGC and the organization they are interested in. Further, prospective members are encouraged to research the organization they are interested in and contact members with any questions they may have, such as the recruitment chair or membership educator.

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Send out your contact information to these organizations by downloading and submitting this form:

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Contact Information

Each MGC organization maintains some apparatus for interested individuals to contact them, such as a Recruitment Chair. They are as follows:

Lambda Theta Nu
Chapter President: Shams Al-Badry

Sigma Lambda Beta
Chapter President: Moses Pacheco

Sigma Lambda Gamma
Chapter President: Lia Morales

Sigma Psi Zeta Charter
Charter President: Kandy Do

Also, send out your contact information to these organization by filling out the following link: