Multicultural Sororities & Fraternities

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Who We Are

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln Multicultural Greek Council was originally formed to accommodate and service the Historically African-American and Latino/a organizations on campus. For years it served as a platform for cooperation and collaboration between its member organizations. Since its founding on UNL campus the council has both decreased and grown in membership, with the addition of two sororities since MGC’s Historically African-American organizations departed to form a local chapter of NPHC.

Multicultural Greek Council is currently composed of four organizations that serve the campus’ multicultural community. These organizations are:

Lambda Theta Nu - A Historically Latina-based organization with Multicultural Membership
Sigma Lambda Beta - A Historically Latino-based Fraternity with Multicultural Membership
Sigma Lambda Gamma - A Historically Latina-based Sorority with Multicultural Membership
Sigma Psi Zeta - A Multicultural, Asian-Interest Greek Organization


MGC member organizations regularly maintain an average GPA higher than the campus-wide average. Each member organization stresses the importance of scholastic excellence to its members and implements regular study hours and other academic programming to encourage their members to perform to their best potential.

The minimum scholarship requirement for membership is determined by each individual national organization, usually a minimum of 2.5 GPA.

Community Service

Each member organization realizes the importance of community service and endeavors both individually and as a council to host beneficial programming for the UNL Community. Among other things, MGC hosts an annual Winter Children’s Carnival, has volunteered it’s members time at a local women’s shelter, and participates in a local philanthropic event, Safe Quarters. In fact, MGC groups were the top gatherers of donations for Safe Quarters amongst UNL groups the last two years.