By-Laws of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Panhellenic Association


A. Eligibility
a. No woman may be a new member to a fraternity until she is matriculated.
b. To be a new member, a woman must meet the following requirements;
i. Be enrolled as a new student registered (freshman) for a minimum of twelve credit hours.
ii. Be enrolled as a regular undergraduate student continuing work at the University by carrying a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours and having a “satisfactorily completed” shall mean earning an average of 2.5 or better in all hours carried during that previous semester and showing no unresolved failures or incompletes or,
iii. Be registered for graduate work. Graduate students may be new members free of restriction.
c. To be pledged to a fraternity a woman must have received and accepted from that fraternity a formal invitation to become a member of the fraternity and she in turn must have signed a dated written statement of her pledge, witnessed by a member of the chapter pledging her, or having signed the official preference card following formal Recruitment.
d. Any woman whose pledge to one fraternity is broken may not be joined to another until the expiration of one academic year from the date of pledging.  However, that same fraternity may repledge her any time during that calendar year.
e. New members whose chapters withdraw from campus shall be eligible on that campus for repledging immediately.
B. Duration of a New Member
a. The signing of a preference card under the system of preferential bidding is considered binding as a new member.
b. A pledge holds good for one academic year no matter which campus a woman may be enrolled, the one on which she is pledged or one of her transfer choice.
c. A pledge automatically expires at the end of the academic year, if the woman has not fulfilled the requirements for initiation at that time.
d. A new member shall be considered a member of the chapter to which she is pledged until one academic year has expired and she is subject to the same rules as initiated members.
e. When a pledge is broken, the fraternity shall notify the Director of Greek affairs within three (3) days of the decision.  It is unlawful to send notices of broken pledges to other fraternities.

C. Repledging
a. If a fraternity wishes, it may repeldge a woman at the time of her first pledge expiration.
b. A woman’s name to repledge must be submitted to the Director of Greek Affairs for approval.
c. After approval has been granted to a chapter, the woman in question should be sent to the Panhellenic Office to sign the regular “repledge” card. This continues her name on the membership list of the chapter in question.
d. The repeldge period shall be for one additional semester.  If at the end of that time a woman has not met the qualifications for initiation, her pledge shall be automatically terminated.