By-Laws of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Panhellenic Association


A. The Release Figure Methodology and Quota/Total.

B. Quota Range and Setting Quota

a. To optimize the number of potential new members matched and to achieve parity, where possible, quota range is used prior to setting quota. Quota is not set until the final or preference round has been completed and the results are factored into the equation.
b. Determining Quota Range
i. A range for quota is set using a multiple-step process which should be completed by the Director of Greek Affairs and the University’s designated RFM specialist. The procedure is as follows:
1. Determine the weighted average of the percentage of potential new members who signed MRABAs over the past three years.
2. Determine estimated quota
3. Determine quota range
4. At the conclusion of recruitment, the Director of Greek Affairs runs the determined quota range through the computer program to determine the level of quota that is in the best interest for the sorority community. The number selected is the one that maximizes the number of potential new members to be placed without seriously harming one or more chapters.
5. Quota additions may be given at the discretion of the Director of Greek Affairs and the RFM Specialist.
c. Quota, once established, should not be changed until the next membership recruitment period, when a new quota will be set.
d. Each NPC fraternity chapter has the right to continuous open bid to reach quota or its total allowable size during the regular school year as defined by the school calendar.
C. Total
a. The total number of chapter size shall be determined at the conclusion of Formal Membership Recruitment by considering:
i. The mean, median and mode of individual chapter totals for the community at the conclusion of Formal Membership Recruitment.
ii. The Vice President of Recruitment will consult with the Director of Greek Affairs, and the Area Panhellenic Advisor for suggestions on chapter totals to propose to the Panhellenic Association.
iii. Final Total for any given school year will be voted on by the Panhellenic Delegates from each chapter after careful consideration and consultation with their chapter and national officers.
b. Chapters will be permitted to pledge only up to Total, unless their membership is over the given Total at the conclusion of Formal Membership Recruitment.