Constitution of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Panhellenic Association


A. Association members interested in holding an executive position will submit their names prior to the Panhellenic election meeting. An application must be submitted for each office of interest. No nominations will be accepted from the floor. No chapter may hold the same executive office for two consecutive years. No chapter may have more than one board member. Elections will take place towards the end of the fall semester.

B. At the meeting immediately preceding the Panhellenic Executive Officer Election, each candidate will have three minutes to speak about her interest in Panhellenic Executive Council and the reasons for which she is running for office. Even if the candidate has indicated interest in more than one position on the application, she will speak only once. Candidates will speak in alphabetical order for each position. The Panhellenic Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Outreach will moderate the speeches. Each candidate will be provided an opportunity to speak for three minutes, and then 20 minutes will be allotted for questions from the audience.

C. Applications will be made available to chapter members for review prior to the Delegate meeting at which election speeches take place. Chapter members are encouraged to attend the candidate speeches and to bring any questions they have to the meeting. After this meeting, chapters or executive boards of chapters are encouraged to provide their delegate with recommendations for voting during the elections.

D. The order of elections will be as follows:

1. President
2. Vice President of Recruitment
3. Vice President of New Member Outreach and Development
4. Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Outreach
5. Vice President of Administrative Affairs
6. Vice President of Finance
7. Vice President of Public Relations

E. All candidates should be present during the election, and there will be time allotted at the beginning of the meeting for each chapter to ask last minute questions of the candidates. If a candidate is unable to be present, they must submit a speech on their behalf. The question/answer period will be limited to 10 minutes. The last names of each of the candidates running for president will be listed on a flip chart at the front of the room. The Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment will moderate this.

F. Each delegate will vote once on a written ballot during each election.  If a delegate is running for office, she should bring another chapter representative to cast the vote for the office for which she is running.

G. The candidate with the most votes will win the election. If an office is uncontested, the winner must have an affirmative vote from at least 50 percent of the member chapters. The ballots will be distributed and collected by the Panhellenic Vice President of Administrative Affairs. The ballots will be counted by the Panhellenic Vice President of Administrative Affairs and the Vice President of Finance.

H. The Panhellenic President will be handed the result, at which point she will either cast the deciding vote or announce the position. At this point, any candidates who indicated an interest in the next position will be asked if they want to slate down to the position. This will continue until all of the positions are filled.