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Risk Management:

Liability Seminar: Together with judicial affairs, IFC and Panhellenic put on a seminar for chapter presidents, risk management chairs, and advisors about potentially unsafe situations, especially those dealing with alcohol, and who would be held liable if something were to happen. We hope to educate the leadership on the legal side of safety as well to further encourage responsible choices among Greeks.

New Member Summit: As a part of welcoming the new members to the Greek Community in the fall, IFC and Panhellenic host a New Member Summit during the first week of school for all new members. This event is intended to help the new members feel like a part of the community and understand what it means to be Greek. Included in this event are some risk management tips, information on how and where to get help, and highlighted talks about alcohol and date rape/dating violence.

Flip Book: Each new member will receive a risk management "flip book" at the New Member Summit. It will include information about many risk management concerns, from eating disorders to drugs. It will also include tips on how to help a friend and information about how and where to get help.

Communication: Our risk management chair attends regular meetings of Panhellenic chapter presidents and also meets with chapter risk management chairs and IFC executives to discuss current issues for risk management. We do this to keep our focus on the most current concerns of Greeks at UNL.

All of our risk management policies are set up to ensure the safety of Greek students at UNL. We provide programming, information, and communication links to focus on prevention and education for all chapter members.