Why Go Greek?

greek photo

For those of you who may be debating on whether or not to join a fraternity or a sorority, all you really need to do is to review our record of excellence at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the decision should be easy...


The UNL Greek Community offers a four-year, comprehensive learning community that stresses academic success and personal development. Your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters offer something that is unavailable in any other university housing option-EXPERIENCE. The brothers or sisters you live with can help you with every aspect of your academic career, from choosing classes and professors to helping you understand what you might expect on an upcoming exam. Chapters with living units on campus have comfortable areas of study, computer labs with high speed Internet, designated quiet hours, and test aids to help prepare for your midterms and final exams. The proof is in the results... Greeks exceed the grade point averages of their peers on this campus and nationally. Chapters also provide scholarship funding based on GPA and chapter involvement.

Philanthropic and Community Service Opportunities

The Greek Community at UNL prides itself on the selfless service it provides to the community. Each chapter on campus has a special fundraiser or event they host every year. Some chapters sell tickets and raise money for causes like Special Olympics and the Community Food Bank. Other chapters boast a huge charity softball tournament or an annual Melodrama. The Greek Community also participants in blood drives, community service events, and on and off campus mentoring programs. In the 2006-07 year, more than $125,000 was raised and more than 3,200 hours dedicated to philanthropies.


The Greek Community at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is known for developing leaders. You will find Greek Members as student government leaders, student organization members, and NU athletes. There are plenty of ways to develop your leadership skills. Within each chapter there are elected positions that provide you with an opportunity to develop skills in communication, planning, sales, risk management, accounting, etc. Every chapter strives to help their members become exceptional student leaders and invaluable assets to our local community.

Social Development

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a large campus with a diverse student body. The Greek Community at UNL helps its members to become comfortable living on a large campus and to become an important part of campus life. Greek Life gives you an opportunity to create lifelong bonds with your college friends and cultivates your individual social development. Some social events include dinner exchanges, formal dances, and great theme parties on- an off-campus. The ultimate goal of the Greek community is to develop friendships. You will cherish the bonds of your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters throughout your time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and they will endure well beyond your college career!