Our Internal Committees are open to ALL graduate students! They're always looking for interested and active members. Contact to sign up!

Looking for a way to get involved or give back on campus? Have an issue you'd like to bring up but aren't sure where to take it? The GSA has compiled a list of committees at the university - within and beyond the GSA - to help you get involved!

  • Internal Committees

    This page includes a listing of all committees within the GSA. Except for the executive committee (for which members are voted on the previous year), any graduate student may sit on any of these committees. If you would like to be on any of these committees or have an issue to bring to their attention, feel free to contact the committee chairs.

  • External Committees

    There are several university committees outside of the GSA for which graduate students are also members. Many of these committees have an application process and all serve very specific purposes. If you have any questions about these committees or would like to get involved, contact our External Vice President.