Awards and Acheivements

Awards received by GSA

2015 Student Organization President of the Year Award: Curtis Walker UNL Student Involvement's Student Impact Awards
2012 Daryl Swanson Campus Impact Award UNL Student Involvement's Student Impact Awards
2012 Student Organization President of the Year to Sylvia Jons UNL Student Involvement's Student Impact Awards
2010 NAGPS President?s Award to Emile Salamé (Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs) National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS)
2010 Student Organization Finalist for President of the Year to Laura Lynch UNL Student Involvement's Student Impact Awards
2010 Student Organization Member of the Year to Eric Hunt UNL Student Involvement's Student Impact Awards
2010 Student Organization Finalist for Event of the Year to GSAW UNL Student Involvement's Student Impact Awards
2008 Program Award for Outstanding Graduate Employee Advocacy National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS)

Red RibbonPresented by the GSA

Graduate Student of the Year 2012 - 2013: Rodrigo Werle
2011 - 2012: Chris Gibilisco
2010 - 2011:
2009 - 2010: Aleksandra Stein
2008 - 2009: Rebecca Small
2007 - 2008: Heidi Feller
Faculty Outstanding Service to Graduate Students 2012 - 2013: Dr. Rhonda Fuelberth
2011 - 2012: Dr. James Garza
2010 - 2011:
2009 - 2010: Dr. Guy Trainin
2008 - 2009: Dr. Beth Doll
2007 - 2008: Dr. William E. Wagner, Jr.
Staff Outstanding Service to Graduate Students 2012 - 2013: Barbara Bullington
2011 - 2012:
Outstanding GSA Committee Chair 2012 - 2013: Chris Gibilisco (Graduate Student Committee and Constitution & Elections)
2011 - 2012:
2010 - 2011: Eric Hunt (Quality of Life)
2009 - 2010: Emile Salamé (GSAW)
2007 - 2008: Leslie Martinez (Diversity)
2007 - 2008: Brenda Pracheil (Quality of Life)
Outstanding GSA Legislative Assembly Representative 2012 - 2013: Kat Shultis
2011 - 2012: Tara Wood
2010 - 2011: Brandon Locke and Grant Forssberg
2009 - 2010: Aleksandra Stein
2009 - 2010: Katie Wilson
2007 - 2008: Kristin Javorsky
Graduate Student Photography Contest 2009 - 2010: Shivashis Saha (Photograph)


Since its inception, the GSA has accomplished several tasks. Take a look at our Facts at a Glance Flyer or see below for the highlights.

We also have several on-going initiatives. Contact us or join a committee to help out with current projects or suggest new ones.


  • Eliminate policy mandating that graduate assistants register for summer credit hours in order to teach during the summer - Fall 09
  • Endorsement of the Office of Graduate Studies position on Academic Integrity: "Graduate Students should be held at the highest level of integrity as tomorrow's most respected professionals" - March 09
  • Graduate Student Demographic Survey - Conducted and collected March 09 (Data pending analysis)
  • Inception of a separate Graduate Commencement Ceremony - February 09
  • "Well Baby" benefit added to student health insurance - February 09
  • Advised UNL Graduate Council to publish parental leave policies for graduate students -
  • Graduate Assistant and Fellowship Fee Deferment - January 09
  • Inception of and dissemination of representatives to serve on the Libraries Committee for the University of Nebraska - January 09
  • Successful Bid to Host the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students Annual meeting - October 09
  • Executive Social initiation to Network Departmental Graduate Student Associations/Organizations with the UNL-GSA - October 08
  • Initiation of Task Force on Campus Level Travel and Research Grants - November 08
  • Graduate Student Appreciation Week Recognized by the Governor and State of Nebraska - March 08, March 09, April 10
  • Social and Community Service Opportunities participated in - 1.) The Big Event 2.) Better World Books 3.) Project Serve 4.) Graduate and New International Student Orientations 5.) Big Red Welcome

In Progress

  • Graduate Student Handbook: We are working on creating a useful guide for incoming graduate students that helps them to navigate not only UNL and the graduate life, but also Lincoln.
  • Graduate Student Bill of Rights: Currently there is a bill of rights for all students (i.e. undergraduate and graduate) and graduate assistants. However, there is no university document that describes rights of all graduate students and protects them from such issues as research exploitation.
  • Improved Graduate Student Representation on University Committees: Much of university policy is created within university committees. Unfortunately, few graduate students sit on these committees. We hope to change this.
  • Campus Level Funding for Academic Conferences: We are currently gathering data to see what funds are currently available for students at the department and college level. We?ll be taking this information to university administrators as we lobby for more funds.
  • Increased University Services: These include health-care benefits for graduate student?s families, legal services, and library services.
  • Graduate Student Fee Deferment: GSA achieved this for graduate assistants. We are now trying to extend this to fellowship recipients and then perhaps all graduate students.
  • Key Card Access: University policy leaves issuances of building key cards to department chairs. Unfortunately, there is an unknown number of departments that currently give key card access to certain graduate students.
  • Student and Family Leave Rights: Thanks to lobbying by the GSA, the university is currently working out policies for parental leave for graduate assistants. Once these policies are in place, we plan to tackle the issue of graduate studies deadlines for those students and policies for those students who require medical leave.
  • Graduate Student Fees: We will be issuing a survey later this semester to determine what fees we pay are not applicable to graduate students.