Campus Representatives

Campus representatives will sit on one of several committees in addition to serving as their campus' voice at our monthly meetings.

Benefits to a graduate student representative include:

  • Networking with graduate students within and outside their campus on a social and academic level
  • Networking with graduate students at other universities on a social and political level
  • Inclusion in important decisions and changes for graduate students
  • Familiarity with campus administrators and their roles within the system
  • Knowledge of university structure and policies
  • Leadership Development opportunities
  • Service opportunities (via university committees)

Benefits to those on a represented campus include:

  • Becoming more informed of local, regional, and national issues impacting graduate students
  • Networking with graduate students outside and within their department via GSA events
  • Knowing where to take graduate student issues to be solved
  • Knowing where to find solutions to graduate student issues
  • Information on how to start a department GSA
  • Information on how department GSAs and committees operate
  • Knowledge of university events for grad students

Having strong representation on both campuses at UNL allows GSA to further their mission of improving graduate student lives thereby enhancing the conditions for quality graduate research and helping UNL to soon achieve the status of a top 30 research institution.

Representatives are chosen from both campuses; voting takes place in the spring at the last LA meeting. Scan the list below to see if your campus representative positions are filled. If not, feel free to email us to find out more information.

City Campus Department
Taran Funk Mathamatics Email
Mitch Hamidi Mathematics Email
Nick Kass Mathematics Email
Abdelbaset Hamza Computer Science and Engineering Email
Open Email

East Campus Department
Kofi Britwum Agricultural Economics Email
Ashley Foster Entomology Email
Ignacio Correas School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Email
Karen F. da Silva Plant Pathology Email
Open Email