Professional Development

Midwest Graduate Career Fair, stay tuned for 2017

The Midwest Graduate Career Fair was held on February 17, 2016 at the Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln, NE. This multi-university event is designed to assist graduate and professional students from all disciplines to explore and pursue post-graduate work in the Midwest. Representatives from industry, academia, government entities, and alternative careers in science will recruit possible candidates and publicize their career opportunities while also providing guidance on the future career aspirations of our fair participants.

Career Services Resources for Student Development

The Husker Hire Link is a job listing resource available through Career Services, connecting students to jobs on- and off-campus.

In addition to general networking and interview guidance, they even provide an opportunity to participate in and get feedback from mock interviews from internal and external employers.See their website for more details.

Departmental Opportunities

Each department has its own set of professional development opportunities available to graduate students. Students can talk to their advisor or graduate chair for help with applications and the job search process. Some departments have more established programs for professional development.

For example, the Mathematics Department has seminars every spring on Professional Development and every fall on the job search process.

Feel free to contact the LA representative from a particular department to find out more information on the resources available in their department and how you can start them in your own department! Please contact us to have your department's resources posted here.