Internal Committees

Our Internal Committees are open to ALL graduate students! They're always looking for interested and active members.

The GSA has 7 standing committees that serve various purposes. Below you will find a description of each committee, along with the chair. We may also establish ad hoc committees throughout the year as issues arise. If you would like to be the Chair or a member of any of these committees please contact the Internal Vice President.

Academic Affairs and Internal Research Committee
The Academic Affairs Committee shall identify and advocate on behalf of University graduate students any issues pertaining to the academic quality of life, including, but not limited to, access to facilities and funding for research, the faculty-graduate student mentoring relationship, and academic policies pertaining to graduate education for University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate students. This committee may also work with Graduate Studies on Academic Integrity Week in the Fall semester.
Current Tasks: Grievance policy, Examining Student Fees, Bill of Rights
Co-chairs: Abdelbaset Hamza and Lynn Phillips
Professional Development and Career Opportunities Committee
The Professional Development and Career Opportunities Committee activities will include but are not limited to: ensuring career fair opportunities are available to graduate and professional students, supporting logistics for a conference bid to host the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS), continuing to support the Open Access Week initiative of the University and Right to Research Coalition, coordinate and collaborate events for the celebration of Graduate Student Appreciation Week as determined annually by the NAGPS and recruit speakers deemed appropriate for professional development.
Current Tasks: Coordinate with Graduate Studies, plan GSAW for the spring
Chairs: Karen Da Silva, Adriano Pereira
Quality of Life and Diversity Committee
The Quality of Life and Diversity Committee shall encourage and promote participation in the GSA by students from throughout the University community, including but not limited to students from racial and ethnic minorities, international students, women, the LGBTQA community, and distance learning students, and ensure that GSA programming is available and pertinent to the diverse graduate student community. The committee shall also address issues important to distance learners such as access to courses, library services, student fees, communicating with advisors, and more. Finally, this committee shall address issues relevant to graduate students such as housing, transportation and parking, child care, and health benefits.
Current Tasks: On-Campus Childcare, “Graduate Student” distinction on NCard, Improved Parking, Family and Medical Leave Policies
Chair: Jaye Stentz (e-mail)
Social Events Committee
The Social Events Committee shall plan and host social events throughout both Fall and Spring semesters for all GSA members.
Current Tasks: Organizing social events 
Chairs: Ashley Foster and Brandi Judkins
Representation Committee
         The Representation Committee ensure that all campus departments are represented on the Legislative Assembly.
         Current tasks: contacting all departments
         Chair: VP of Representation
Constitution and Elections Committee
The Constitution Committee ensures that actions taken by the GSA are within the rules of the GSA constitution. The committee also oversees any actions to change the constitution.
Current Tasks: Ensure proper order is followed in all GSA activities
Chair: Chair of Legislative Affairs
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee shall assist the Vice-Chair of Finance in preparing an annual budget and monitor all GSA expenditures. The Finance Committee shall prepare an annual fiscal report for submission to the Legislative Assembly.
Current Tasks: Budget, finding and securing additional funding sources (e.g., UPC)
Chair: VP of Finance