Department Representatives

The GSA Legislative Assembly is comprised of representatives from each department on campus with a graduate program as well a representatives from each campus. It is the job of these representatives to meet once a month at our Legislative Assembly meetings, where we disseminate news of upcoming GSA events, vote on pertinent legislation and initiatives, and study the problems facing our graduate students. Department representatives may involve themselves more in the GSA by sitting on one of our several committees, but the main responsibilities of a representative is to serve as their department's voice at our monthly meetings (informing the GSA of suggestions or concerns from students within their department) and serving as the GSA's voice to their department (delivering relevant GSA information to their fellow graduate students).

Benefits to a graduate student representative include:

  • Networking with graduate students within and outside their department on a social and academic level
  • Networking with graduate students at other universities on a social and political level
  • Inclusion in important decisions and changes for graduate students
  • Familiarity with campus administrators and their roles within the system
  • Knowledge of university structure and policies
  • Leadership Development opportunities
  • Service opportunities (via university committees)

Benefits to those in a represented department include:

  • Becoming more informed of local, regional, and national issues impacting graduate students
  • Networking with graduate students outside and within their department via GSA events
  • Knowing where to take graduate student issues to be solved
  • Knowing where to find solutions to graduate student issues
  • Information on how to start a department GSA
  • Information on how other department GSAs operate
  • Knowledge of university events for grad students

Having strong representation among all departments at UNL allows GSA to further their mission of improving graduate student lives thereby enhancing the conditions for quality graduate research and helping UNL to soon achieve the status of a top 30 research institution.

Representatives are chosen from within their department. Some departments vote on their representative while others simply ask for a volunteer. Search the list below to see if you department is represented. If not, feel free to email us or talk to your departmental graduate chair or secretary to find out more information. If your department's representative is not listed below, please have them email us.

Accountancy Matt Bjornsen Email
Actuarial Science Representative Wanted Email
Agricultural Economics Anil Giri Email
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Jane Stentz Email
Agronomy & Horticulture Sam Bledsoe Email
Animal Science Sarah Tenley Email
Anthropology Representative Wanted Email
Architecture Representative Wanted Email
Art & Art History Rana Young Email
Biochemistry Allison Siekman Email
Biological Sciences Annabel Olsen Email
Biological Systems Engineering Max Twedt Email
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Vaishaali Natarajan Email
Chemistry Representative Wanted Email
Child, Youth & Family Studies Tuyen Huynh Email
Civil Engineering Li Zhao Email
Communication Studies Gretchen Bergquist Email
Community &amp Regional Planning Representative Wanted Email
Computer Science & Engineering Baset Hamza Email
Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction Ehsan Mousavirizi Email
Earth &amp Atmospheric Sciences Representative Wanted Email
Economics Jennifer Bernard Email
Educational Administration Jeff Beavers Email
Educational Psychology Shiyuan Wang Email
Electrical Engineering Derek Sekora Email
English Cameron Steele Email
Entomology Ashley Foster Email
Finance Representative Wanted Email
Food Science & Technology Soon Kiat Lau Email
History Ryan Kephart Email
Interior Design Representative Wanted Email
Journalism & Mass Communications Monica Blaser Email
Legal Studies Chris Schmidt Email
Management Representative Wanted Email
Marketing Andrea Lynn Phillips Email
Mathematics Jessalyn Bolkema Email
MBA Jeremy Bridges Email
Mechanical & Materials Engineering Representative Wanted Email
Modern Languages & Literatures Josh Lacey Email
Music and Dance Representative Wanted Email
Nutrition & Health Sciences Elisha Hall Email
Philosophy Joey Dante Email
Physics & Astronomy Nathan Clayburn Email
Plant Pathology Sarah Schlund Email
Political Science Balazs Feher-Grava Email
Psychology Courtney Biose Email
School of Natural Resource Sciences Katie McCollum Email
Sociology Elizabeth Straley Email
Special Education & Communication Disorders Representative Wanted Email
Statistics Cyrille Nzouda Tsotezo Email
Survey Research &amp Methodology Lissandra Ellyne Email
Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Katie Robbins Email
Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design Representative Wanted Email
Theater and Film Representative Wanted Email
Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences Ignacio Correas Email