Executive Committee

2015-2016 Executive Committee

President - Curtis Walker

Duties of the President include serving as the official representative of the GSA, preparing agendas for all GSA meetings, and meeting periodically with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, the Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Studies, the University Chancellor, the Graduate Student Committee, and the ASUN President. The president also serves on the University Graduate Council. Email Curtis

Executive Vice President - Greg DeGirolamo

Duties of the Executive Vice President include presiding at the GSA Legislative Assembly meetings, overseeing all standing and ad hoc committees, coordinating events requiring use of University facilities, and managing RSO related documents.

Vice President of Student Affairs - Maggi Sliwinski

Duties of the Vice President of Student Affairs include maintaining a list of all graduate students on external committees, serving as a representative on the Student Affairs Advisory Council, serving as a representative to the Parking Advisory Committee, and coordinating activities with other university graduate student organizations. Email Maggi

Vice President of Finance - Katie Tucker

Duties of the Vice President of Finance include maintaining all GSA fiscal records in accordance with SOFS rules and regulations, providing reports at legislative assembly meetings, chairing the GSA Finance Committee, coordinating with the Executive Committee and standing committees on budgets and possible funding sources, and presenting fiscal requests to the University's Committee for Fee Allocation. Email Katie

Vice President of Representation - Joe Reed

Duties of the Vice President of Representation include maintaining the GSA website and listservs, managing the GSA email, and working with Campus Representatives to ensure each department is represented in the Legislative Assembly and that each representative understands the requirements of their position. If you have any questions about the GSA or would like to get involved, don't hesitate to contact me!Email Joe

Chair of Legislative Affairs - Eric Rodene

The duties of the Chair of Legislative Affairs include maintaining the GSA Constitution and Bylaws, chairing all Legislative Assembly meetings, chairing the GSA Elections and Constitution Committee, and providing advice concerning the Rules of Order for all GSA meetings.