Serving graduate students outside GSA

Graduate students are required on the following University-wide committees. If you would like to be part of any of the committees listed below, contact our External Vice President to find out how to join. Some of these committees are appointed through ASUN and others have a direct application process. If you serve on one of these committees, it is expected that you report to the GSA Legislative Assembly once per semester.


Grading and Examinations Committee--1 NEEDED
The Grading and Examinations Committee shall be responsible for continued study and evaluation of the existing grading and final examinations systems, shall consider and evaluate proposals for change and modification of the systems, and shall make recommendations for action to the Faculty Senate. One seat is reserved for a graduate student and appointed by the ASUN president.

Information Technologies and Services Committee--1 NEEDED
The Information Technologies and Services Committee shall have the responsibility of developing, assessing, and promoting UNL campus-wide IT strategies that will contribute to the success of the university as an intellectual community and that will facilitate research, education, and outreach. One seat is reserved for a graduate student and appointed by the ASUN president.

Libraries Committee--1 NEEDED
The Libraries Committee shall advise and make recommendations on all the matters pertinent to the research and general service functions of the libraries, including allocation of funds for the increase of library holdings, and shall serve as a conduit for suggestions from faculty and students for the improvement of the libraries. One seat is reserved for a graduate student and appointed by the ASUN president.


Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN)--Ignacio Correas, Micah Lindblad, Joe Reed, Maggi Sliwinski, Jaye Emerson Stentz, Curtis Walker, Kassandra Woods
ASUN reserves a number of seats for graduate students to serve as representatives. Elections takes place in the Spring semester, and vacant seats are filled early in the Fall semester. If you have interest in serving on ASUN, please contact ASUN directly. ASUN meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm. There are numerous committees within ASUN and to which ASUN appoints members, please see their website for information.

Chancellor’s Commission on Environmental Sustainability--Tuyen Huynh (Human Sciences)
The Commission is  a representative body of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. The Commission would be instrumental in forging UNL’s sustainability direction. The graduate representative is instrumental in driving UNL sustainability initiatives from the graduate student perspective. One seat is is reserved for a graduate student and is appointed by the ASUN president. 

Commencement and Honors Convocations Committee (CHCC)--Ashish Shinde
The CHCC shall be primarily responsible for coordinating plans for commencement and honors convocations. The program and arrangement for UNL commencement and honors ceremonies shall be subject to approval by a majority of the voting members of the CHCC. One seat is reserved for a graduate student and appointed by the ASUN president.

Convocations Committee--Ashish Shinde
The purpose of the Convocations Committee is to administer a speakers program for the university community. This speakers program is specifically intended to support faculty who wish to bring to the campus individuals who can add to the academic life of the university. The responsibilities of the Convocations Committee include publicizing the availability of these funds, reviewing applications for these funds, and determining awards. One seat is reserved for a graduate student and appointed by the ASUN president.

Course and Laboratory Fee Committee--Jessica Burnett (School of Natural Resources)
This committee consists of three faculty members, one graduate student and one undergraduate student. The committee is chaired by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Committee is charged with reviewing the course and lab fee proposals for the academic year.  The review begins in early November, followed by one committee meeting in late November or early December. The graduate student is appointed by GSA.

Teaching Council--Linh Phu
The Council shall have major responsibility for the encouragement and support of efforts to improve instruction and learning at all levels at UNL. Funds appropriated specifically for improvement of instruction and learning and made available to the Council by the Chancellor shall be expended with the advice of the Teaching Council. One seat is reserved for a graduate student and appointed by the ASUN president.

UNL Campus Police Committee
The UNL Campus Police Committee shall consist of two faculty members appointed by the President of the Academic Senate, two students appointed by ASUN, one administrator appointed by the Chancellor, and two employees selected by the office and service staff of UNL.

Apply directly to the Committee

Campus Recreation Advisory Council--Gabe Ryland (Educational Administration, email)
Comprised of six elected students three at-large members. Each at-large member must have prior participation and involvement in the programs and services of the Office of Campus Recreation. Elections take place in the spring semester.

Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women--Jamie Porter (Counseling Psychology) + Catherine Medici-Thiemann + 1 NEEDED
Promotes awareness of women's issues on campus. The Commission includes a Council of Students, with three graduate student members. These members are appointed by the Chancellor. See their website for more information.

Student Advisory Board for the University Health Center--Alexandra Martin and Thomas Schroeder
The purpose of the University Health Center Student Advisory Board is to represent the student body in regards to the health and wellness of the University community. The Board assists in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating the policies and programs of the University Health Center. The Board makes recommendations to the University Health Center staff and University Administration on topics related to student health and wellness. Participation is by application.

Committees that are filled by Executives:

Academic Planning Committee (APC)--Curtis Walker
The APC is a university-wide group responsible for formulating and recommending academic and planning goals and initiatives for UNL in the areas of education (resident and extension), research, and service to the Faculty Senate, Colleges, and Chancellor. These goals are coordinated with the responsibilities assigned to UNL as part of the structure under the control of the President of the University of Nebraska and the Board of Regents. This role has traditionally been filled by the GSA President.

Graduate Council--Curtis Walker and Greg Degiloramo
The UNL Graduate Council serves as an advisory body to the UNL Dean of Graduate Studies and, as the administrative body for Graduate Studies, is subject to the authority of the UNL Graduate Faculty. Two seats are reserved for graduate student representatives and are filled by the GSA President and Internal Vice President.

Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)--Maggi Sliwinski
It is the responsibility of the PAC to review policies and regulations for Parking facilities, conduct annual review of the rules and regulations including fees and refunds, as well as review proposed changes in parking lot classifications. One seat is filled by the External Vice President of GSA.

Student Affairs Advisory Council (SAAC)--Maggi Sliwinski
The SAAC is a clearinghouse for the major student bodies on campus (including GSA, ASUN, the residence halls, greek life, and others) to report on on-going activities to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Directors of various University services (e.g., health center, recreation center). One seat is reserved for a graduate student representative and is filled by the External Vice President.