Serving graduate students outside GSA

There are several committees on campus for which graduate students can sit on. The following is a list of such committees and positions (and their purpose) as compiled by ASUN. If you would like to be part of any of the committees listed below, contact our Vice Chair of External Affairs via email.

Campus Recreation Advisory Council
Comprised of six students elected by the Campus Recreation managers and three at-large. Each at-large member must have prior participation and involvement in the programs and services of the Office of Campus Recreation.

Commencement Committee, Convocations Committee, and Honors Convocation
Commencement Committee arranges the university commencement exercise. The Convocations Committee arranges and sponsors all special convocations during the academic year, and Honors Convocation Committee arranges the Honors Day Convocation held in the spring.

Curriculum Committee
Promote improvement in undergraduate colleges.

Diversity Strategic Development Committee
Create and maintain a diversity statement and diversity plan for the student body. The Committee will advocate the increased awareness and attention to issues affecting diversity which have an impact on students.

Electoral Commission Director & Members
Establishes the rules & procedures for the ASUN elections.

Environmental Issues Representative
Deals with student issues relating to the University's environment and atmosphere.

Freshmen Campus Leadership Associates Director and Associate Director
Formed in April 2001, the Freshman Campus Leadership Associates was formed to introduce a group of twenty students to the basic workings of student government.

Government Liaison Committee Chair & Members
Coordinate communication of the students' views to government officials, administrators and the community at large.

Grading & Examinations Committee
Responsible for continuing study and evaluation of existing grading system and shall consider and evaluate proposals for change or modification of the system.

Intercollegiate Athletics
Liaison between the Director of Athletics and the Faculty Senate.

International Students Representative
Deals with student issues concerning international students.

LGBTQ Affairs Representative
Shall be responsible for investigating issues relating to oppression based on sexual orientation.

Shall advise the Dean of the University Libraries on all matters pertinent to the research and general service functions of the libraries.

Nebraska Union Board
Composed of students, faculty and staff is a participant in Union policy-making. The Board assumes the role of advocate for the various segments of the University community to the Director of the Nebraska Unions and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Non-Traditional Student Representative
Deals with student issues relating to the non-traditional student.

Parking Advisory Board
It is the responsibility of the Board to review policies and regulations for Parking facilities, conduct annual review of the rules and regulations including fees and refunds as well as review proposed changes in parking lot classifications.

Parking Appeals
It is the responsibility of the Committee to hear all students parking and traffic violation appeals, regardless of the violator's status or relationship to the University. Must be available one Tuesday a month at 4:30 p.m. for appeals session.

Publications Board
Selects and hires the editor and business manager of the Daily Nebraskan. The Board acts as a publisher for the Board of Regents and serves as a liaison between the paper and the university constituencies.

Racial Affairs Representative
Deals with student issues relating to diversity on campus.

Recording Secretary for Student Government
Responsible for recording and transcribing the minutes of weekly student government meetings.

Senate Vacancies for the ASUN Student Government
Senate functions as the primary representative body for students, as well as the regulator for other student organizations. Senator's responsibilities encompass the full range of student affairs, individual projects, research and lobbying with administrators, faculty, legislators, the Board of Regents and citizens. Must be enrolled in the college.

Student Court
Deliberate cases involving recognized student organizations. Interpretations of constitutions, contested elections or officer impeachment.

Students with Disabilities Representative
Deals with student issues relating to disability awareness and accessibility.

Teaching Council
Major responsibility to encourage & support efforts to improve instruction & learning at all levels of UNL.

UNL Campus Police Committee
Assists in the determination of codes of ethics in the enforcement of campus security regulations and policies on violations.

University Health Center Advisory Board
The purpose of the Board shall be to represent the student body in dealing with the health concerns of the university community, by identifying health problems and by making recommendations to the Health Center administration.

University Judicial & Appeals Board
Deliberate cases where violations of the Code of Conduct have occurred. Deliberate appeal cases from a lower judiciary.

Women's Issues Representative
Promotes awareness of women's issues on campus.