2015-2016 Assembly Meetings

GSA ASUN Bylaw C, approved fall 2015

GSA Bylaws, approved fall 2014

Do you have graduate student questions, concerns, comments, or just want to get involved in something graduate-student specific? The Graduate Student Assembly wants to hear from you and help you. With your involvement, we can make real change at UNL! Come to our monthly legislative assembly meetings: the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Union. The room will be posted in the Union doors the day of the meeting.

As the semester moves along, we will post minutes and legislation below. Feel free to check them out and see what we are doing for you!

Meeting Schedule for 2015-2016

DateMinutesTimeResolutions Description
September 8, 2015 Minutes 7:00 p.m. None Budget passed.
October 6, 2015 Minutes 7:00 p.m. FA2015-16-01 A resolution in support of merging with ASUN for administrative support, funding opportunities, and institutional memory.
November 3, 2015 Minutes 7:00 p.m. None None
December 1, 2015 Minutes 7:00 p.m. FA2015-16-02

A resolution in support of sending graduate parking payments to the student consolidated bill for monthly payments.
A resolution in support of dissolving the Graduate Student Assembly ahead of the commencement of the Graduate Student Assembly.
January 12, 2016 Minutes 7:00 p.m. SP2015-16-04 A resolution in support of the Executive Committee presenting the proposed budget to the ASUN president and negotiating further as needed.
February 2, 2016 Meeting cancelled 7:00 p.m. SP2015-16-05
Meeting cancelled due to University closure; resolution postponed
Meeting cancelled due to University closure; resolution postponed
Resolution in support of Nebrasketball Watch Event (via e-mail)
March 1, 2016 Minutes 7:00 p.m. SP2015-16-08

A resolution in support of the GSA survey for well-being and professional development.
A resolution in support of Graduate Student Appreciation Week.
(FAILED) A resolution to create a new set of Bylaws. Will revisit in April.
April 5, 2016 7:00 p.m. ASUN GSA Bylaw
GSA Bylaws
GTAP Rules
For vote on April 5: ASUN GSA Bylaw, revised

For vote on April 5: GSA Bylaws, revised
For vote on April 5: GTAP Rules, for GSA Graduate Travel Awards Program

Past Legislative Assembly Meetings


September 2014 Minutes None None
October 2014 Minutes FA2014-15-01 Resolution formalizing support for Midwest Scientific Research Career Fair
November 2014 None FA2014-15-02 Resolution in support of National Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week
December 2014 None
January 2015 Minutes SP2014-15-03 Resolution in support of assessment of GSA Structure with respect to ASUN and appropriate equity of student fee allocation
February 2015 Minutes SP2014-15-04 Resolution in support of assessing the need for a Graduate Student Bill of Rights in addition to the Grievance Policies
March 2015 Minutes SP2014-15-05 Resolution in support of having greivance policy information added to graduate student letters of offer
April 2015 None


September 2013 No Minutes
October 2013 Minutes
November 2013 Minutes
December 2013 No Minutes
January 2014 Minutes
February 2014 No Minutes
March 2014 Minutes
April 2014 No Minutes


September 2011 Minutes
October 2011 Minutes Not Available
November 2011 Minutes Not Available
February 2012 Minutes Not Available
March 2012 Minutes Not Available
April 2012 Minutes Not Available


September 2010 Minutes Constitutional amendment passed bringing us into compliance with ASUN
October 2010 Minutes Resolution that says GSA supports the campus wellness plan
November 2010 Minutes Resolution that says GSA would like deparment grad organization to maintain their GSA reps
December 2010 Minutes
January 2011 Minutes
February 2011 Minutes
March 2011 Minutes
April 2011 Minutes


September 2009 Minutes
October 2009 Minutes
November 2009 Minutes
December 2009 cancelled due to weather
January 2010 Minutes New Constitution and Bylaws passed
February 2010 Minutes Resolution expressing GSA's support for allowing grad students to take leaves of absence
March 2010 Minutes
April 2010 Minutes Resolution trying to get all grad students not just TAs the fee deferal


September 2008 Minutes
October 2008 Minutes Resolution authorizing GSA to put in a bid for the NAGPS conference

Resolution encouraging the University to have grad students on the Student Judicial Board

November 2008 Minutes Resolution to encourage grad students to use library proxies (send 3rd party to pick up materials on behalf of grad student)

Resolution expressing GSA's commitment to academic integrity

December 2008 Minutes
January 2009 Minutes
February 2009 Minutes
March 2009 Minutes Resolution encouraging the reading of post baccalaureate names at commencement

Resolution saying how much we would really appreciate it if textbooks cost less

Resolution expressing how GSA encourages open access pulications and how it would like UNL to put weight on said publications

These resolutions were introduced according to the meeting agenda from March 2009. There is however no mention made of them in the minutes. Laura says that she remembers them being passed, but again there is no documentation
April 2009


September 2007 Minutes
October 2007 Minutes Resolution to have GSA join in the Better World Books program
November 2007 Minutes Resolution advocating an ad hoc committee to determine the need for research and travel grants
December 2007
January 2008 Minutes
February 2008 Minutes Resolution expressing opposition to LR-233ca, a state bill to end Affirmative Action Hiring for state agencies

Resolution advocating for fee deferals for graduate students with assistantships

March 2008 Minutes
April 2008 Minutes