Open Access Week


Did you know?

  • Open Access is a new mode of delivery for academic research, bringing it straight to the public.
  • Open Access literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.
  • UNL has the 2nd largest online repository of open access articles in the United States and 13th largest in the world, called Digital Commons.
  • Digital Commons has nearly 45,000 entries! The department with the most contributions is Physics & Astronomy, but the individual with the most contributions is Dr. Terry Klopfenstein from Animal Sciences with a whopping 436 articles!

Join Us October 18 – 24, 2010!

The UNL Libraries, ASUN, and the Graduate Student Association are sponsoring an advertising campaign to get the word out about Open Access and increase submissions to Digital Commons. This campaign involves:
  • Getting the word out to students!
  • Student Raffle for $50 gift to the UNL Computer and Phone Shop: For every e-mail a student sends to a professor (CC: explaining how to use the Digital Commons, they will be entered into our raffle! The more professors e-mailed, the higher your change of winning! See below for more details.

OpenAccessWeek You can help!

If you are a student:

E-mail your professors about Digital Commons and how easy it is to get their work uploaded – they simply need to send a list of publications to Paul Royster at To be entered into the raffle, be sure to send your e-mails by Oct 24th and CC Below is an e-mail template to help. (Note: It might be a good idea to check before e-mailing a professor to see if they already use OA!)

You can also help by making a video on why open access is important to you and submit it for a Sparky Award.

Raffle Entry Email Template

TO: Insert Professor's E-mail


SUBJECT: Open Access and UNL's Digital Commons


Dear Professor Insert Professor's Last Name,

I have recently learned that UNL has an online repository, called the Digital Commons, that provides students with free, instant access to research. While I was checking the Digital Commons out, I noticed that none of your research articles were available. It has been proven that the number of citations to scholarly works increases when articles are placed in these types of repositories and I'm interested to learn more about your research. So I wanted to e-mail you and let you know how easy it is to get your publications up on Digital Commons. All you have to do is submit a list of publications (or a CV) to Dr. Royster's team will do the rest of the work, even checking with the journal to make sure no copyright agreements will be broken.

I hope you consider submitting your articles to the Digital Commons!


Insert Your Name

If you are a researcher:

Help enlarge Digital Commons by submitting a list of publications to Paul Royster at His team will take care of the rest! Encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Want more information on Open Access?

Here are some great sites to help you learn what Open Access is all about!