Open Positions

As graduate students are an integral part of the university, many committees require our input. Below is a listing of current open positions--both internal and external to the GSA. Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions and to find out how to join any of these committees.

Open Positions on the GSA:

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about or filling these positions.

  • City or East Campus Representative Position:

    Any graduate student can run for a campus representative position. These members are voted on by the legislative assembly and serve all the duties of a departmental representative and a few extra duties, like sitting on one of our committees. To see the full list of requirements and benefits of the position and whether your campus is represented, visit our campus representatives page.

  • Department Representative Positions:

    Any graduate student can serve as a departmental representative to vote on issues that affect graduate students. To see the full list of requirements and benefits of the position and whether your department is represented, visit our department representatives page.

  • Serve on one of our Standing Committees:

    Any graduate student can serve on one of our committees to find solutions to graduate student issues or plan future GSA events. This is a great networking opportunity for graduate students across both campuses. See if there are any committees you would be interested in joining. We are particularly interested in finding more members for the following committees.

    • Academic Affairs and Internal Research
    • Constitution and Elections
    • Quality of Life and Diversity
    • Finance
    • Professional Development and Career Opportunities
    • Social Events