2010 Graduate Student Photo Contest Entries

Thank you to all who entered!

To see the amazing photographs submitted, check out the banner on East Campus where they are posted.

Or click on the thumbnails below. Photos displayed in alphabetical order by artists' first name (file names are the artists' names and photo titles).

To see this year's winner, visit our Awards page.

Agustin Martellotto Old Guy Feeding Aimee Allard Sandhill Crane migration at sunset Amy Pelkner Boredom in the Graduate Office Andrea Comiskey Lawse Ashley LawsonLincoln SkyWalk Dave McCune Crossing the Street Efthimia Papastavros Branched Oakr Greg Cutrell Mt. Mitchell Hugo Ramirez Piglets Jinya Pu UNL at dusk Julien Khalil Vegas Katie Johnson Office Monique Poldberg Untitled MUHAMMAD CHU AHMAD.jpg Nancy Liu Rural China Rebecca Howser Proud Mother Ross Nelson Last Minute Graduate Student Scott Dworak Beegee shenyinjing The Balconies in Shanghai, China Shefang Wang Up in the air Shivashis Saha Sleep Yu Zhang Chicago

2010 Graduate Student Photo Contest: Ends 11:59pm, April 9th

To submit an original photo or for questions, email us!

You may send in multiple photos if you so choose, but please select ONE clearly indicated photograph to be judged in the contest.

There is no theme for the contest. There will be one category for judging photographs, digitally altered or not.

Captions, titles, and explanations are not required.

Thank you!

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