Graduate Students have several organizations other than the GSA to utilize for resources. Of those organizations, there are ones that are part of UNL and ones for which UNL are a part of. Feel free to browse around at the various resources available to you.

  • NAGPS: National Association of Graduate and Professional Students

    The UNL GSA is a proud member of NAGPS, a group that serves as a networking and advocacy group for graduate students across the United States. NAGPS brings benefits not only to the GSA but also to all graduate students at UNL. Through our membership with NAGPS, all UNL graduate students have free access to services like Interfolio and inDegree as well as discounts to The Chronicle of Higher Education and Better World Books. For a listing of more NAGPS benefits, check out this NAGPS page.

    We are also proud to announce that we are hosting the NAGPS national conference in November 2009. Be sure to check out the conference page.

  • Departmental GSAs

    Most departments within the university have their own council of graduate students that oversee graduate concerns and hold social events for the department. Does your department have a GSA?

  • Other UNL Organizations

    The GSA is just one of the organization on campus that serves graduate students. Find out what other organizations there are to help you!