25th Annual Campuswide Workshops for Graduate TAs

Dr. Terry DoyleKeynote Speaker

Dr. Terry Doyle is an author, nationally recognized educational consultant, and Professor of Reading at Ferris State University where he has worked for the past 38 years. From 1998 to 2009 he served as the Senior Instructor for Faculty Development. He was also Coordinator of the New Faculty Transition Program for the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at Ferris State.

Dr. Doyle has presented over seventy workshops on teaching and learning topics at regional, national, and international conferences since 2000. During the past five years he has worked with faculty in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Canada, as well as faculty from 140 different colleges and universities across the United States on ways to develop a learner centered approach to teaching.

Dr. Doyle is the author of the book Learner Centered Teaching: Putting the Research on Learning into Practice that was featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Selected New Books in Higher Education in 2012. His book Helping Students Learn in a Learner Center Environment: A Guide to Teaching in Higher Education was just translated into Chinese.

His newest book – The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain – was co-authored with Dr. Todd Zakrajsek and was written for college and high school students. The book has been described as breaking new ground in helping students understand how learning happens and also suggesting a new paradigm for how students should prepare themselves for learning. The New Science of Learning was a finalist for the 2013 USA Best Book Award in the Education/Academic category.

Putting the Research on Learning into PracticeKeynote Session

Almost daily neuroscience, biology, and cognitive science researchers reveal new insights about how the human brain works and learns. This research has the potential to elevate the learning success of all students — regardless of their learning situations. This presentation will discuss seven findings about how the brain learns and how to integrate these findings into your daily teaching practices.