26th Annual Campuswide Workshops for Graduate TAs

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 • Nebraska Union

Updates for this year coming soon

Meanwhile these pages still show last year's details to give you an idea of what kind of events and sessions to expect.

This year's program will feature various teaching skills sessions, a lunch buffet, and a set of disciplinary breakout sessions, all sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Dr. Lindsay WheelerKeynote Speaker

Dr. Lindsay Wheeler is the co-director of a campus-wide STEM observation project at the University of Virginia that seeks to understand instructors’ teaching practices, and the barriers to implementing learning-focused pedagogies. Her research also investigates how TA and faculty professional development impacts teaching and ultimately student learning in large introductory courses. In her work with graduate teaching assistants, she has developed training modules and cross-departmental teaching courses to support TAs in their teaching.

Dr. Wheeler redesigned the large-enrollment introductory chemistry laboratory courses at UVA to an inquiry-based approach in collaboration with Dr. Charles Grisham. This model is being used to transform introductory laboratory courses in other departments as well as at other universities. She has also partnered with Dr. Michael Palmer in the Center for Teaching Excellence at UVA to support faculty in developing and implementing learning-focused teaching strategies in their classrooms.

In 2015, Dr. Wheeler and Dr. Palmer received the Robert J. Menges Award for Outstanding Research in Educational Development for their work examining student perceptions of course syllabi. Dr. Wheeler has also presented at multiple local, regional, national, and international conferences and workshops on her work with TAs, faculty, and students.

How Teaching Impacts Student Learning & Your Professional DevelopmentKeynote Session

Get thinking about teaching not only as something that can impact students but also your professional development. We will discuss teaching methods shown to improve student learning in higher education, as well as the research on how effective teaching can positively impact your own research, mentoring, and leadership skills.