Course List Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

The 2013-2014 graduate course offerings at the 900 level will include the following (800 level courses will be attached to all standard 400 level courses). Please note that some courses are subject to change and final schedules are will not be completed for some time.


HIST 900 Introduction to Historical Study, LeSueur, J.

HIST 941 Readings in American History to 1877, Winkle, K. (readings)

HIST 942 North American West, Jacobs M. (research)

HIST 919 19th c. Studies, Garza, J. (research)

HIST 946 Interdisciplinary Readings Seminar in Digital Humanities, Ramsay, S.


Spring 2014


HIST 970 Digital History Seminar,  Rehbein, M.  (research)

HIST 931/932 Readings/Research European History, Burnett, A. (may be taken as readings or research)

HIST 943 Readings in American History 1877 to present, Jones, P. (readings)

HIST 918 19th c. studies instructor TBA (readings)