Faculty Coordinator

Rose Holz

Women's and Gender Studies
317A Seaton Hall
Professor Rose Holz is a historian with research interests in US history, medicine, women, gender, and sexuality -- with particular emphasis on the history birth control. She teaches courses on the history of sexuality in the United States, women and gender in America, and feminist theory. She is also the Associate Director of the Women's & Gender Studies Program.


Affiliated Faculty

David Cahan 

612 Oldfather Hall
Professor Cahan teaches the history of science. His primary research interests include the historical relationships of science and society since 1750, including the relationships of technological innovation to science and society, and issues of science and culture.

Dan Crawford

Classics & Religious Studies
Dr. Crawford has taught on medical ethics and the relationships between science and religion.

James Guest

University Health Center
209 Adm UHC
Dr. Guest is the medical director of the University Health Center. He teaches courses on death and dying in the Honors Program.

John Hibbing

Political Science
502 Oldfather Hall
Professor Hibbing teaches on the interrelationships among genetics, environment and political behavior. His current research uses economic games, evolutionary theory and behavioral genetics to identify the deeper biological causes of social and political behavior.

Jody Koenig Kellas

Communication Studies
428 Oldfather Hall

Professor Kellas studies interpersonal and family communication. Her current research interest focuses on health communication, specifically on narrative interventions that help families to cope with serious illness. She will begin teaching a course in Health Communication in the spring of 2014.

Christopher Kelly

310 Nebraska Hall
Professor Kelly teaches Introduction to Gerontology and Politics and Aging. His research interests include nursing home regulations and comparative studies of states' programs for aging.

Julie Masters

310 Nebraska Hall
Professor Masters teaches a number of Gerontology courses, including Death and Dying. Her research interests include aging prisoners, the impact of early onset Alzhiemer's Disease on caregivers, and end of life planning among Nebraskans.

Mary McGarvey

351 CBA
Professor McGarvey's research interests include health and education policy. She teaches the ECON 389 Current Economic Issues: Health Care.

Julia McQuillan

706 Oldfather Hall
Professor McQuillan is currently the Director of the Bureau of Sociological Research. Her research focuses on social inequalities, health and gender. She has studied the psychological consequences of infertility, on medical help-seeking for infertility and on the importance of motherhoon in women's lives.

Deborah Minter

219 Andrews Hall
Professor Minter developed ENGL 210I Illness and Health in Society. She was the previous coordinator of the Humanities in Medicine Program and launched the HMED minor.

Daniel Osborn

834 Oldfather Hall
Professor Osborn's field is biological anthropology, particularly skeletal biology, nutrition, human adaptation, growth and development and evolutionary medicine.

Mary Willis

928 Oldfather Hall
Professor Willis works on dental and medical anthropology, with a particular interest in cross-cultural health and health in refugee populations.