Book Series

IAS Book Series with the Nebraska Press

"Life in Performance" is a book series devoted to investigating the knowledge produced and communicated through performance - understood in its broadest sense, to include dance, drama, installation art, fashion, and the performative aspects of daily life. Since it is based on the mission of the IAS program - which is to place performance in a critical and intellectual context suitable for both university audiences and the educated public - the series consists of texts written not only by scholars but also by journalists, artists, and performers - all of whom are asked to write accessibly and with a minimum of specialized jargon. The goal is to enhance and deepen critical debates around performance while widening the conversation beyond the confines of the university.

The first installment of the IAS Book Series, Fabulous Harlequin: ORLAN and the Patchwork Self, can be found in the University of Nebraska Press's Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog, excerpted here.

Fabulous Harlequin: ORLAN and the Patchwork Self

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