Photos from the Andrew Solomon Lecture

Photos from the Martha Graham Master Class

IAS Video Archive

IAS Season IV (2012-2013)

Joffrey Ballet: Workshop at Park Middle School

Lori Belilove & Isadora Duncan Dance Company: Master class with UNL dance students, part I, part II, & part III.

IAS Season III (2011-12)

This is Tango Now: Identidad Master class and Lec/Dem

In the Heights: Dance Master class

Chris Washburne & SYOTOS Visit Interview with Chris Washburne

IAS Season II (2010-2011):GIMP Residency in Lincoln, NE Nebraska Stories (NET): Life as a Dance

Time Lapse Dance at the Lied Center, Lincoln:  Ghosts Revisited (clip 1),Ghosts Revisited (clip 2)

IAS Photo Archive

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