Testimonials 2012-13

Here is a sample of the comments received about the IAS program activities from its fourth season:

  • "The Target Margin Theater performances are skillful --and unique -- exercises in merging the classical with contemporary." The Lincoln Journal Star on Target Margin Theater's Dinner Party and The Argument
  • "I definitely want her back. Very insightful & informative. Ms. Belilove was inspiring." Attendee on Lori Belilove lecture
  • "Everyone should experience IAS. It is marvelously unique and refreshing and teaches you to look at the world in ways no other course offered at this university is capable of." Season IV student on IAS

Testimonials 2011-12

Here is a sample of the comments received about the IAS program activities from its third season:

  • "Definitely going to approach my playing in a whole new way." Chris Washburne master class participant
  • "It was great to get personal stories and be able to relate it to a future classroom." In The Heights facilitated discussion participant
  • "Knowing the complete context and background of character and objects in my visual work will help me immensely." In The Heights audition class attendee
  • "I learned a lot of the background and subtleties of the show that I would never have picked up from watching it. It really upped my understanding and appreciation of the show itself." In The Heights dance class participant
  • "Very informative and inspiring." This is Tango Now: Identidad lec/dem attendee
  • "I’ve never been able to take a Tango class, this was a treat." This is Tango Now: Identidad master class participant

Testimonials 2010-11

Here is a sample of the comments received about the IAS program activities from its second season:

  • "It introduced me to a new way of moving and of understanding the space around me." Jody Sperling, master class participant
  • "You got to feel one with the elements that Jody was talking about. It took dance to a different level." Jody Sperling, master class participant
  • "It pushed me beyond my boundaries." Jeffrey Freeze (Heidi Latsky Dance) master class participant
  • "The lecturer's vast knowledge shared with the community of Lincoln brought out good questions from the audience and was interesting. It raises the standard of scholarly thought and discourse in our community." Joan Acocella, public lecture attendee
  • "The lecture pertained to many current issues in society that I am interested in." Raphael Cuir, public lecture attendee

Testimonials 2009-10

Here is a sample of the comments received about the IAS program activities from its first season:

  • "As a side note, I just want to thank you so much for bringing this event to campus. Since we don't live in a "major metropolis" our access to this kind of opportunity is somewhat limited. I'm impressed that an event of this caliber was held here, and I hope there will be many more to look forward to in the future!" Paris is Burning attendee
  • "[The best aspect of the event was] the descriptions Dr. O'Meally gave of the audio and video clips prior to presenting them. I focused on what he talked about and picked up on things I probably would not have without the prompts." Robert O'Meally public lecture attendee
  • "It was wonderful to have Siegel come the same week as the Paul Taylor and the David Dorfman Companies." Marcia Siegel, public lecture attendee

The Interdisciplinary Arts Symposium is sponsored by the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts, presented, in part, by the Lied Center for Performing Arts, and funded, in part, by the Hixson-Lied Endowment.