Study Challenge

Team Leader Board

  1. Knowledge--WINNER!
  2. The Cornscholars
  3. Brassil Sprouts
  4. The "Pi" Rates
  5. REKed
  6. JT
  7. Seventh Place
  8. Eighth Place
  9. Ninth Place
  10. Tenth Place

Individual Leader Board

  1. kchristensen7
  2. azellner2
  3. csantiago4
  4. jsvehla2
  5. jtabacczyk2
  6. mpiel2
  7. kschoneweis2
  8. jkingsley2
  9. mmaxson2
  10. bmann3, myank2 (tied)

Rules and Regulations

What is the Study Challenge?

The Study Challenge is a competition designed to help you become a more effective, successful student. Every time you complete enough tasks to level up, you earn points, which count toward both your individual ranking and for your team's ranking.

How do I sign up?

You may join the Study Challenge at any point during the semester, but the earlier you register, the more time you have to complete each level! The initial sign-up period is January 21-January 30.

You must register as part of a team composed of 3-6 members, with one person designated the team captain. Register by turning in a team registration form to the desk worker at the Abel/Sandoz front desk by January 30, 2014. Registration forms are available on the Study Challenge stands in the Abel Welcome Center or Schramm lobby, or on the Learning Communities website (

How do I determine who I should be on a team with?

Your team can be composed of any other UNL students. A great place to look for teammates is other students who are taking the same class for which you'd all like to study more. Also, other students with similar study goals and interest in being in a study group make good teammates.  

How do I participate in the Challenge?

The Study Challenge starts on Friday, January 24. Each week through April 10, 2014 (except Spring Break) we will release the level tasks for a new level. The level sheets will be available on the Study Challenge stands in the Abel Welcome Center or Schramm lobby and on the Learning Communities website (

Each level will contain a set of tasks you must complete to advance to the next level. Follow the directions on the Level Sheet to complete the appropriate tasks. Turn the sheet in to a Study Challenge drop box at the Abel/Sandoz or Schramm front desks when you have completed the Level.

You may not receive credit for completing a Level until all previous Levels are completed (in other words, you need to finish Level 1 before you can complete Level 2, and so on). 

How is the Challenge Scored?

The Study Challenge is scored both individually and by team. Each week, Level Sheets will be posted on Friday. If turned in by the next Thursday at 9:00 am, you will receive bonus points. You may turn in a Level sheet at any time, but you will only receive bonus points for sheets turned in by their deadline. Each Thursday, the Level sheets that have been submitted will be scored and current team and individual rankings will be posted in the Abel Welcome Center and on the Learning Communities website ( each Monday by noon.

Individual tasks on each Level Sheet will be worth different amounts, and each Level Sheet will indicate how many of the tasks you must complete to finish the Level. You may complete all tasks on a sheet to earn the maximum points for the week.

Individual rankings will be figured through adding all points an individual has earned. Team standings will be figured by averaging all team members' scores to determine the team's overall score. The average score will allow for teams of all sizes to compete equally.

Final scores will be determined following the final week of the challenge ending on April 10, 2014. Any Level sheets received after this date will not be added into the final scores.

What are the prizes?

Prizes will be awarded to both teams and individuals based upon the scores accumulated. Specific prizes are listed below.

Team: Each winning team member will receive a Google Nexus 7 tablet. Members of the winning team will be notified via email if they win, and will be responsible for picking up their own tablet prior to the end of the Spring 2014 semester.

Individual: Prizes will be awarded to the top ten individuals. Each of the top ten competitors will receive a Google Chromecast. Individuals who place in the top ten will be communicated with via email, and will be responsible for picking up their Chromecast prior to the end of the Spring 2014 semester.

Weekly Challenges

New Level Sheets will be available each Friday in the Study Challenge stands in the Abel and Schramm lobbies. Each Level has a variety of tasks that challenge you and your teammates to develop good study habits, be proactive in class, and take advantage of the many great academic resources at UNL.


Level 11

Level 12

Knowledge / Brassil Sprouts