Name: Jacob VanLent

Hometown/state/country:  Omaha, NE

Undergraduate degree:  Accounting

Employer: Walgreens

MBA Concentration Interest:  Undecided

Hobbies/Activities:  Watching football, writing poetry


Name:  Netaji Mandava

Hometown/state/country:  Pradesh / India

Undergraduate degree:  Computer science

Employer:  Cabelas

MBA Concentration Interest:  Finance / MIS

Hobbies/Activities:  Movies, games


Name:  Ryan Heavican

Hometown/state/country:  Lincoln, NE

Undergraduate degree:  BS in Business Administration


MBA Concentration Interest:  Sports Marketing

Hobbies/Activities:  Golfing, traveling, spending time with friends and family


Name:  Emily Hatas

Hometown/state/country:  Madison, WI

Undergraduate degree:  BS, Botany

Employer:  NUTech Ventures

MBA Concentration Interest:  Agribusiness

Hobbies/Activities:  Biking, skiing, reading, cooking and playing scrabble

Name:  Angie Okelberry

Hometown/state/country:  Gordon, NE

Undergraduate degree:  Vet Science

Employer:  University of Nebraska-Lincoln

MBA Concentration Interest:  Strategic management

Hobbies/Activities:  Volleyball, golf, equestrian, traveling


Name:  Adam George

Hometown/state/country:  Lincoln, NE

Undergraduate degree:  Management of Information Systems

Employer:  UNL College of Journalism

MBA Concentration Interest:  Management Information Systems

Hobbies/Activities:  Video games, reading, keeping the wife happy


Name:  Josh Barker

Hometown/state/country:  Shubert, NE

Undergraduate degree:  Accounting and Finance

Employer:  Cargill

MBA Concentration Interest: 

Hobbies/Activities:  Sports/music/big brothers and big sisters