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Handbook of Advanced Magnetic Materials

Eds. Yi Liu, D. J. Sellmyer, and Daisuke Shindo

Spinger 2006


Vol 1. Nanostructural Effects
Vol 2. Characterization and Simulation
Vol 3. Fabrication and Processing
Vol 4. Properties and Applications


The Handbook of Advanced Magnetic Materials provides a comprehensive review of recent progress in magnetic materials research. Coverage includes nanostructural effects, characterization and simulation, fabrication and processing, and properties and applications of advanced magnetic materials.


The reference consists of four volumes:

  • Volume 1 is devoted to nanostructured magnetic materials, emphasizing size effects.
  • Volume 2 reviews both experimental methods and simulation techniques for the characterization of magnetic materials.
  • Volume 3 outlines recent developments in processing of advanced magnetic materials. Magnetic properties cover a wide spectrum of soft magnetic materials, hard magnetic materials, recording materials, sensor materials and others.
  • Volume 4 introduces various magnetic materials and their applications with a detailed description of the processing, properties and applications.

Handbook of Advanced Magnetic Materials