Central Facilities

NCMN Central Facilities
Central Facilities

Six central facilities support the NCMN mission

These facilities are available to all UNL faculty, to companies in Nebraska, and to outside interests.  The purpose of these pages are to serve as a guide to the capabilities and equipment available in each facility.  Facility specialists and supervisors are available at the contact information below to personally answer additional questions.

Location & Contacts

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Cryogenics provides the means for obtaining liquid nitrogen and liquid helium for low temperature research, cold traps, etc.

FEI Tecnai Osiris

Electron Microscopy

The scope of this facility is materials characterization of the topography, morphology, elemental composition, crystalline microstructure, crystal defects, and atomic arrangements of materials, largely on a scale from 10 micrometers down to the near-atomic level.

Pulsed Laser Deposition Lab

Materials Preparation

Two sputtering systems have been established to fabricate a variety of thin films, especially the nano-structured films including overlayers, multilayers, granular solids, clusters, etc.  Two tube furnaces are available for sample (target) annealing, doping, and sintering.

Nanofabrication Clean Room

Nanofabrication & Clean Room

The NCMN facility contains a large variety of equipment to prepare, fabricate, analysis, and characterize a wide range of nanostructure materials.

Bruker Dimension ICON with ScanAsyst

Scanning Probe & Materials Characterization (SPMC)

The NCMN Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility employs a variety of very precise, non-destructive probing techniques (AFM, MFM, EFM, LFM, STM, and PFM) for imaging and measuring surface properties of materials from the micron level down to the atomic scale.  This facility also contains a large variety of equipment to characterize the mechanical and physical properties of a wide range of materials and focuses on using the many materials characterization aspects to perform failure analyses on components.

X-Ray Panalytical Empryrean

X-Ray Structural Characterization

The NCMN X-Ray Characterization Facility is dedicated to materials identification and characterization through nondestructive, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), high resolution diffraction for analysis of thin films, complete structure determination of single crystals (crystallography).